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Power wedge fluid

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Wedge is stuck down. Computer believes it’s up so I don’t think it’s electrical or actuator related. Can hear the system trying to raise it. Near the wedge there is fluid leaking out. Is that hydraulic fluid?

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The power wedge actuators are electric, not hydraulic.  If fluid is leaking out of the actuators, then water may have leaked into them and caused damage.  Both actuators must extend and retract at the same speed for the wedge to work.  That is why both actuators need to be are replaced and aligned even if only one of them is faulty.

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Thanks for responding. I must be describing it wrong. There’s definitely a noticeable fluid behind the boat and when I lifted the boat it was white with a foam like texture. 

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I am pretty sure the PW3 is hydraulically actuated. So if you see hydraulic fluid, maybe a fitting is loose. They are fairly easy to get to to tighten. 

The older actuators were electric for sure though.  

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You guys are right.  The 2015 and newer PW2 and PW3 have a single hydraulic actuator and the earlier models used two electric actuators.  I thought the OP had a 2012 model for some reason.  Must be time for me to get some new glasses.

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Try to raise the power wedge using the Up tab found in the Diagnostics - Debug Assist - Wedge screen in the settings menu.  If it won't go back up, there is a small red hydraulic release valve on the body of the actuator.  Turn it counter clockwise a few turns to release the pressure, lift up the wedge by hand, and then turn the valve clockwise until it is closed to keep it in the up position.  Unfortunately, if enough fluid has leaked out it may not want to stay up.

The actuator is not considered to be serviceable, so if it is leaking it will need to be replaced.  I would take a couple photos of the fluid leak and contact your dealer for repairs.

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I think you’re right. It’s hydraulic actuated. I used to have an 012. I updated the profile! The debug idea didn’t work although I can see where it would if this motor/pump were good. The part leaking says “Parker”. Looks like they are a supplier. I’m guessing this will have to go to the dealer. 
13 hours on the boat🤬

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