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Y valve with reversible pump? replacing aerator for reversible on the 04 vlx..


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SO I want to replace the center ski locker aerator pumps for one reversible. However, I have modified my system. Right now, I have a Bosworth directional y-valve to pump water into the center ski bag or up to a bow sac I plumbed in. 

Question is, can a reversible pump work fine with this same setup? Will I be able to fill or drain those two bags individually using ? If not, Can I just use a standard y or t fitting to fill both bags at the same time and drain same time? I typically fill the front and rear every time, and each full. So there is no need to have them be separated. (Wouldnt a ball valve on each of the lines all me to select individual bag?)

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33 minutes ago, MLA said:

Yes, a reversible impeller pump can work with the manual diverter valve. 

thx for the quick reply. 

Thinking through my current setup... I only have one relief hose. Its the stock one off the center bag. I just have a fill and drain on the front bag. If I run a t- connection from the pump to the two bags, will the one relief hose work for both? as the front bag becomes near full, the water should take the path of least resistance and go into the center bag, and once that is full, go out the overflow/relief hose. (I will make sure there is a one way valve to let water our and not let air in so the suction works)

Otherwise, I will have to run another hose for the front relief, and I dont feel like having to drill a new thru hull for that.. Will have to look at the setup again to see what running that to the existing relief would be..


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With an impeller pump, you definitely want each sac or tank to vent freely. The issue with tying the belly and bow vents together, is you wont know if both are full when the vent starts to purge.   

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Y-valve works fine.  That's how I have my front and center setup.  I have one of the discontinued (due to price, not quality) Fly-High valves that I made accessible from the driver's seat for easy use.  Do a dedicated vent for each - not hard to do.  

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