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Welp, I learned a lesson, that I hope can help others, or maybe I’m a dummy, or possibly over complicating it! I bought 4 of the Wakemakers reversible ballast kits, and kind of wish I didn’t. Why I’d do it different? 1. I have fly high bags and the fittings in the kit are for wake makers bags (this is noted on their site), 2. Kind of in conjunction with #1, I have extra hose, extra tubes of sealant, extra fittings, etc, I’ve probably spent $2-300 more than I would have piecing it together. And I know this is a bit perfectionist, but getting the labeled switch covers ,that you can order with the premade wiring, would have been nice. 

If I could go back and do it again, I’d plan on a couple of orders. 

Order 1 - get all 4 pumps, 2-3 through hulls, fittings/valves (I ended up only doing 3 and using one for the ski locker and bow bag as I didn’t like any spot to put a 4th), maybe 30’ or so of hose, and the side drain outlets. Also engine divider panels. 

After order 1 - I’d mount the 4 pumps, figure out where to put your through hulls, and side mount vents. At this point I’d also figure out if you are going to drain out the vent/side or down through the bottom. I’d use the hose purchased to figure out routing, bends, and whether you will need any threaded/barbed wyes, threaded/barbed 90s, and any other misc fittings. There are a couple of places where I want to put in 90s so that I’m not making too sharp of bends from the bow bag and also intakes near the engine. 

I’d measure for your battery harness, pump harness, fill/vent/drain tubing. 

Order 2 - buy the wiring, switches, tubing, through hulls, vents, quick connect fittings, screw clamps, adhesive, check valves,  and all other things that you might need.

After Order 2 - finish everything up and plan on a 3rd order… 

I could have planned this out a bit better, but I’m finding a good bit out as I go along. I took my eye off the ball a bit thinking “the kits should have everything I need” which isn’t the case for me. I’ll take some pics and add to this once I am done,  I’d be surprised if I didn’t have at least 2 more orders, as I’ve been buying a fitting or two at a time as I go along. 


Edit: Adding Misc items as I go:

Clamps for the tubing. These are a touch big for what I got from WM, but not much. I might put some adhesive backed EPDM (Left over from a house project) in a few of them where I need a bit more purchase. Ill use these in place of zip ties where I can. image.png.72f3983145a16b76d167050f6adb3f43.png

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I'll be placing my order this weekend. I've been drawing it out for a few weeks to know exactly what I need to order. I am working with Wakemakers on custom bags for my build as well. I look forward to seeing how you pull it together.

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18 minutes ago, St. Ellis said:

I'll be placing my order this weekend. I've been drawing it out for a few weeks to know exactly what I need to order. I am working with Wakemakers on custom bags for my build as well. I look forward to seeing how you pull it together.

I'm really trying to be cognizant of where I put everything and thinking about all of the things I can't change. I have waffled back and forth on a bunch of stuff on this one. Just curious, where are you going to put your switches? for now I bought a project box and will just mount it under the helm. Also, I edited the post above and put some info about straps for the tubing.

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Mine is a little easier than yours in that regard. Mine is a Wakesetter so I already have ballast plummed in. That said, I am building a surf system and will be adding switches for that which I'll be locating in place of the stereo remote at the driver's knee. I'll have a new piece of aluminum machined to accept the switches, then screw it into the same location. I've also seen them put on the side panel above the arm rest and that seemed to work well in some instances.


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