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New 2022 Axis A24 - Loss of oil pressure after 25min


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Just brought new 2022 Axis A24. Launch it this morning. Ran for 25 min and the engine alarmed with loss of oil pressure. Engine overheated of course. Had to be towed in. Anyone else experience this?  Any thoughts? Could the engine be compromised?

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I hate you have had to experience this!  The dealer should be all over this issue and I have not heard of this as a problem either!   I seriously doubt the engine is compromised at this point but the dealer will definitely test it (compression test).  The first thing is to find the failure and let that dictate the course of action.   In the car business, the manufacturer will often times provide an extension of the engine warranty if the engine is not replaced in a situation like this - not sure how it works with boats but if you keep the engine and it seems fine you still might ask about an extension on the warranty for the engine.

I do have confidence that between the dealer and Axis, they will get it sorted out and fixed!!!   Again, so sorry you are having to go through it!!!   In the end, it will get fixed and you have a fantastic boat!!! 

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Still in break-in hours?  Literally on 25 min on the motor?  What motor?

When did the temp alarm go off relative to the oil pressure alarm?

Were there any symptoms other than the alarms?  Smoke, hot engine compartment, would not turn over when you tried to crank again (or did you), other odd screen indicators, sounds, fluid in bilge other than clear water?

Your comment that it "overheated of course" suggests you saw something else........

it is hard to envision a mechanical failure that triggered both alarms at the same time.  That would point to an electrical problem that triggered the alarms even though the mechanicals are fine, these boats have lots more electrical gremlins than mechanical based on the traffic on this board.

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Sequence of events:

1. Boat running fine. At speed 33 mph - 25 min after launching off trailer  

2. Warning alarm went off for hi temp

3. I shut down the engine and checked gauges. 
4. engine temp 199F showing in red

5. Noticed oil pressure at zero showing in red

6. boat would not turn over after that 

7. waited until engine temp lowered 

8. still not starting

9. inspected bilge - no oil in bilge

10. checked oil- oil level normal  

11. engine super hot

no smoke; but could smell over heating

called for tow

keep checking for oil pressure and tried to restart a few more times  

no dice  

Currently back on trailer and taking to dealer on Monday  

engine is the  M6Di


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Oil pressure never rose above 0 after the initial alarm. 

Tried to restart engine multiple times and it would not turn over.  Taking it back to the dealer on Monday. Let them deal with it.   I will post once I have their diagnosis.  

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