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Question about fill/drain time for wakemaker's piggyback ballasts


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I am new to wakesurfing and just got a 2009 Malibu Wakesetter LSV 23.

I'm thinking of getting the following:

  1. 2 x 910 lbs WakeMakers PiggyBack Rear Factory Ballast Upgrade
  2. 650 lb bow fatsac
  3. Mission Delta 2.0 wakesurf device

I see lots of people complaining about the fill/drain times of the piggy back system which can take ~15 mins I think. Is that more of an issue for people who don't have a wakesurf device on the side (since they have to drain/refill left/right whenever riders switch from goofy to regular), or are people with a wakesurf device (who I understand don't have to put more weight on one side than the other but instead just move the device to the other side) also finding it annoying because of the delay of the start of the session and when wrapping things up?  I'm just trying to figure out if the piggyback ballasts will bug me or not.



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I have a 2009 VLX and the WakeMakers piggyback system. Mine are also the 910lb bags in each rear locker and I have a 600lb bag for the bow on a separate manual Sumo pump I drop in the water off the side of the boat to fill. The system works well for me and doesn't bug me too much. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes for me. A couple good songs and we're ready to ride. I only need to do this at the start of the session and at the end when all done.


I also use the Mission Delta 2.0 so it sounds like our setup will be pretty similar. I am fairly happy with my setup and the wave usually turns out good enough for all of us to have a good time surfing. Of course it can always be better, but without a newer boat with the newer surf tabs/ballast features and technology, I'm not complaining.

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Thanks!  Maybe the people complaining about fill/drain time don't have a Mission Delta (or similar) so have to list the boat which takes longer with slow fill/drain times than just swapping the Delta to the other side?

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I've installed dedicated reversible pumps in my 2010 VLX, had stock plug-n-play in my 2018 LSV, and have the Wakemakers piggyback system in my 2007 247 LSV with 1,140# sacs.

Fill and drain times are the biggest difference, along with ease of use and cost.  The '10 and '18 I had timers so after filling/draining for so long they automatically shut off.

With the piggyback system, I have to monitor.  Also the rear bags do not drain out 100% without me lifting up the bags and giving them a little assistance.

I am not always in a big hurry to start riding so waiting 10-15 minutes is not a deal breaker for me.  We also have a decent size no wake zone to motor out from so 3/4 full already by the time I get out past it.

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4 hours ago, ROFF said:

How were your fill/drain times with the reversible pumps?    What was the setup & hose size?  

Fill and drain times were roughly 5-6 minutes for 910# bags.  I installed the Wakemakers complete reversible pump kits, and did a thread here on it.

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