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Cold Water= Cold Fingers


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Anyone have any recommendations for cold water wakeboard gloves?  I don't mind riding in the cold water, but due to poor circulation (thanks genetics), I lose feeling in my fingers really quickly due to the cold.  Was looking at https://www.evo.com/wetsuit-gloves/oneill-15mm-psycho-tech or https://www.evo.com/wetsuit-gloves/rip-curl-2mm-e-bomb-stitchless, but would be open to any suggestions, comments, etc.


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Whatever you find bring some hot water along. When I would ride in the cold I would dip my ski gloves in a cooler of hot water. It helped tremendously. Nice in bindings as well.

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Cooler full of hot water and keep your paws out of the water.  Surgical gloves inside the regular gloves help too by keeping your fingers dry.

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I use some drysuit scuba gloves for those really cold days.  Less grip for slalom although the hands do stay dry and not total icicles.  +1 on hot water in cooler and surgical gloves as another option.  If the feet are cold, I have slipped newspaper plastic bags over the feet when wearing tight fitting bindings.

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Thanks guys. I’ve used the surgical gloves in the past for lacrosse, but haven’t tried it for wakeboarding. We use the cooler of hot water trick for before and after sets, but I am looking for something more like @Woodskiwas suggesting for “during the set”.  With the dry gloves, how hard is it to hold the handle? I’ve never taken a real slalom set, but I would think the harder pulls on the takeoff and landing might pop the handle out of my hands if I can’t grip it with the thicker gloves. 

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I've tried lots of different gloves.  Honestly, I've never found anything that really works well.  Of what you linked, I'd go for the thinner 1.5s.  Even with 1.5 mm your grip is going to lose strength and you will burn your forearms out faster than anything.  My favorite so far has been the Xcel anti-glove.  Its 0.5 mm.ANTI GLOVE.  The problem is that they last, at best, 1 year of limited early spring and late fall riding.  So they add up if you want to keep buying them.  That said, they wear out inside the hand where you make contact with the handle.  And you are really just trying to block the wind from the back of your hand. 

I certainly feel your pain.  I think today was my last set of the season.  40 degree water and low 40 air was hell on my hands.  

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