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2014 Malibu LSV switch touch control screen on right

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Has  any one experienced air bubbles on the switch touch control screen? Had it replaced under warranty in 2016. There are air bubbles appearing on the new screen. Is it filled with glycerin? Can it be repaired?

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If you search you'll find the answer. Well known issue with these screens. It's delaminating. Replaced ours in 2019 and was over 2k just for the unit. Install was easy. 

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As a shortcut to your answer from my recent research (mine only has some tiny bubbles just along the very top edge so far)

1. Well known issue for years (this forum has a ton of reports and discussions going back for years)
2. Malibu isn't doing anything about it (unbelievable and frustrating)
3. New screens currently are well over $3k - if you can actually find them in stock
4. No known way to "fix" them (there was a 3rd party screen repairer that joined the forum to try and address this but as far as I know he failed to find a way)
5. Newer ones seem less prone to delaminate but there are still reports of some newer screens delaminating
6. Best resolution I've seen, is threads on this forum of members switching out the screens for mechanical switch panels (pretty good threads on how to go about this)
8. My attempt to avoid further delaminating is to cover it in the sun and to remove it for the winter and store inside - no idea if this will help or not but only thing in my control

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The thing I hate most about my boat. My Maliview screen delaminated and was $2400 to replace. Now I’m having the same problem you mention with the touch screen. I bought a replacement from @COOP this season and am waiting for my current screen to be unusable. 

Replacements are stupid expensive. I am very disappointed in Malibu in how they have handled this well know issue. 

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The new ones are crazy. $3900. No idea why they went up in price so much, other than they possibly have be discontinued (no verification) and Malibu knows the ones that are left are like gold.

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55 minutes ago, COOP said:

 other than they possibly have be discontinued (no verification) and Malibu knows the ones that are left are like gold.

Yikes. Those are fighting words for a ton of owners.

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