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2017 22VLX Maintenance Questions

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Hello all, I picked up a 2017 22VLX in the spring, we had the best summer of our lives on it, and now time to do our annual maintenance.   We rolled over 200 hours (current in the 250s) so need to do our 200 hour maintenance, as well as the annual.  This boat has the Indmar Raptor 410.  Here's what I've come up with for my list, along with a number of questions, please point out any mistakes as it has been hard to track this information down.

- Change the oil.  Use 5W-30 semi-synthetic with an API rating of SN (I'm just going to buy Motorcraft 5W-30 at Walmart), I think it should expect about 8 quarts right?  Wix 57186 cartridge filter from Amazon (I confirmed cartridge style on my boat).

- Change the transmission and V-Drive fluids.  My understanding is I just suck these out though the fill holes (no way to drain right)?  Refill based on how much volume I sucked out, park the boat super level, warm up the engine fully with garden hose water, then set them to the proper levels on the dipstick within a few minutes of shutting down down engine?  Where I'm confused is what fluid to put in them:
   * The V-Drive has the part numbers 872020-1 on the transmission and 872022-1 on the V-Drive on stickers.  So I'm thinking to go with these.  But does anybody have crosses for these so I don't have to find the exact Indmar fluids?  Also, anybody know how much volume I need of each fluid? Update: I've been told by a dealer than the transmission fluid can be crossed with Valvoline ATF Dexron III / Mercron, and the V-Drive fluid a SAE50 oil, but not sure if either needs to be synthetic or not.
   * The Indmar engine manual says I could have one of four different transmission / V-Drives, and I can't figure out what part number mine is.  The fluids it calls out for all four are different than above, so I'm thinking ignoring and using what's above since that's literally on stickers on the transmission / V-drive.
   * I called my dealer, and they said they just put ATF in all transmissions and SAE50 oil in all V-Drives.  So maybe nailing the exact fluid isn't that important, or maybe that's why it's better to do this myself than to take it in!

- I changed the impeller in May, so I'm thinking I'll wait till may 2023 to change it again as I did every other year on my last boat with no problems.  Anybody had one of these fail in less than two years?

- Anybody know how hard it is to change the fuel filter?  My old boat was a cartridge right up on top like the oil filter, but at a glance this one looks like a pain to get to.  FYI for anybody reading this, the part number is Indmar 556003 which crosses to Wix 33481.

- The manual says to inspect the zinc anodes.  There seems to be one on the V-Drive, are there any others?

- The manual says to grease the starter bendix.  Any suggestions on a way to access it other than entirely removing the starter?

- Any suggestions on how to inspect / clean the fuel injectors?  That is one thing I've never done before on any engine.

- The manual says to clean the breather hose - anybody know which hose this is?

- I'll check a few spark plugs, but if they look good won't bother with all of them, especially the hard ones to get to.

- I wasn't planning to change t he coolant, as it looks at smells fine (granted I haven't tested it); I keep the boat in a heated garage all winter.  But if I do change it out, can I use just any 50/50 mix of propylene glycol and distilled water?  My cars want specific coolants but maybe this one doesn't care.  Does the coolant flow through the heater under the driver's dash?  I assume it does, but if it uses raw water through that loop then I'll be sure to drain it out.

Any other maintenance suggestions?  It's quite a list so is tempting just to take it in, but I doubt they do anything besides the fluids anyways.  Thanks!

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