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2013 Viper Screen Freezing

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I'm aware of the delamination problems these viper screens have but this one is different. The original screen did start to delaminate and was replaced July 2020. Around July 2021 the screen started to freeze and the only way to unfreeze it was to shut the boat completely down and reboot which would fix the issue. Last few times out it would happen once or twice per trip. 

Now is this a screen problem or something else? Couldn't seem to find this info via searching. Viper command module? 



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Loose or corroded electrical connections causing a voltage drop is the most common cause of screens freezing or other intermittent or anomalous gauge issues.

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I have seen several boats with worn harness pin connectors.  The female connections have center pins that can deform and cause a poor or intermittent connection to the male pins on the other connector.

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2 hours ago, yotaisgame said:

How do these center pins get deformed? 

Poor crimp job, vibration or motion in the harness, etc.

@csleaver works in the industry.  When he speaks of what he has seen happen, I tend to believe him.  Pull the connectors, inspect them, and make sure they are clean before reinstalling them.

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I will check. They've only been off once, that's why I asked about how they would get deformed. And it's not something that happened ever since the new screen. Went a full season without issues. 

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If you remove the center plastic pin retainer on the connector you should see the female pins sockets.  They are square with an angled center pin that contacts the male pin on the opposite connector.  Over time that center pin loses its "springyness" (is that a word?) and will not contact the male pin very well.  The worn pin will make the female connector look partially hollow.

I have bent the center pin down with a small pick for a temporary repair, but replacing the faulty pins is the best repair.

Here are some examples on a different connector.




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If I mention these things to my local dealer will they understand what I'm talking about? This boat has been sold to a friend of a friend with some stipulations. One being this freezing screen getting fixed. I don't have access to the boat anymore..

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Of course, I don't know if that is causing your problem, but after checking all of the major cable connections at the battery, engine, and helm, that is usually my next step.

Poor electrical connections will sometimes reveal themselves during a "wiggle test".  That involves physically shaking the wiring harnesses by hand to produce a similar failure.

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Sounds good. I know for sure the battery terminals are tight. If the boat was in my possession I would investigate it myself. 

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