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Wake surfing 2007 VLX Wakesetter


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I have recently brought a 2007 VLX Wakesetter.

It has a power wedge but no surf gates.

Unfortunately the shape of the hull is making it hard for me to connect a manual surf gate onto the boat. The suction diameter it too large and won’t suck onto the boat in the correct position.

Can someone give me some good advice on the following please:

1: Is there a better brand or product surf gate that will attach to a 2007 Wakesetter?

2: What tanks should be filled in the boat?

3: How much do I fill the tanks?

4: What speed is a good speed?

5: What position should the power wedge be at?

Any advice would be much appreciated.



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Not the same hull as you (mine is smaller and may even have more bevel) but I think  the generic answers will help you, as there is significant flexibility in the suck gate.

I surf on a 5'4" broadcast and weigh 220lbs. I use a 25' rope.

1. Cheap homemade suck gate, I can fit it both above and below the hull line. (Above, but low works well sometimes)

2. I fill my midship 500lb mls and rear 750lb (3/4 full is often fine) bags. This is likely an upgrade over stock tanks.

3. Generally you're looking for a 60/40.  If you want taller and no distance more in back. Shorter height and longer more weight in bow. 

4. Depending on the surfer weight and your bow distribution 10-11.6mph. faster gives you more push (longer pocket), slower more height. You'll save gas and neighbors will like you more the faster you go 

5. I don't have a wedge, you should probably find a setting that works without it. (It adds height, but since it raises the bow, kills push)

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I have the exact same hull as yours (except for the diamond hull chines on mine).

I have had no problem getting the NautiCurl wake shaper to work well on my boat.

FWIW, I have the manual wedge on my boat.  It only gives two setting options:  fully deployed or fully tucked up out of the way.  Fully deployed is good for me.  Start there.

My boat is a Sunscape, so I don't have any built-in ballast or plumbing.  I run a 750 lb FatSac in the rear storage surf side, a 400 lb FatSac on the rear seat surf side, and another 400 lb FatSac in the bow, tethered surf side (so boat is listed to surf side).  I also started with a 5' 4" Broadcast board.  

You could start with the above, at 10 mph, and adjust accordingly.


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Same hull.  I had 750s plus rear tanks full

center tank full

300 lbs bag under port coffin locker for slight list to port and 500 lbs steel to move around to adjust the wave.

750 bow bag

floating wedge deployed

wake shaper as far back as hull would allow above chine, but as low as possible.  With the weight we ran, we found this location ideal.  Top of shaper should be just above water level with all ballast full.  Less ballast in rear would likely require shaper below chine, fwiw.  

Wave took shape at 10 mph and we surfed between there and 11 mph depending on rider preference and conditions.  

At 3000 ft, we ran the 2419 prop for maximized torque with base 5.7 motor and all the weight.  


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