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20 VTX vs 22 LSV diamond cut slalom wake

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Choosing between the 20 VTX and 22 LSV diamond cut. We’re a family of 6 and like to do it all. We want a decent slalom wake for aggressive recreational skiers (usually ski at 32 mph) and also want a good wake surf wake. Worried the VTX is a little small and short on storage.  Is the 22 LSV slalom wake much bigger than the 20 VTX?

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That’s a tough comparison. 6 we do in our VTX but it’s a coordinated effort. The VTX surfs amazing so you won’t be disappointed there and it skis very very well. I’ve never been in the 22lsv so I can’t compare the ski or surf wake. I would guess there is a setup that will satisfy your skiing needs but you may need to experiment more with line lengths and speeds to find the ideal spot on the wake. You’ll obviously have more space which will help. Another option would be the new 21LX in the diamond hull. 

Also, I did a big review on the VTX here that may help. 


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We had the 22LSV diamond cut hull at one stage and the ski wake is really only suited to the occasional recreational slalom ski. Best way to think about it is there is not much difference between a 20VTX and a 22LSV as regards surf wave but there is between ski wakes. 

Needless to say after one season we went to the best of both worlds with a new 23LSV and a 2008 Response.

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We had a 2013 VTX which we skied the slalom course with, It was not as good as our previous Prostar obviously but it suited us. The new VTX from what I've seen looks even better in the course and for surfing as well. We now have a 22VLX with diamond hull same as 22LSV. I have been impressed so far with the few times I have slalomed, but had to ski short line. Had lots of fun at 32 and 35 off in open water 34 MPH. Had some great rips and have to say we love the bigger boat that rides better on rough days and surfs very decent. If your lake is of the smaller size and your crew is small too, and you want to run the course you might consider the VTX. If you could demo a 22 and experiment with line lengths--that would be my recommendation.

Our experience over the years where we live, we have many more windy days not conducive to slalom skiing since our nearby lakes are relatively large. We chose a boat that would increase our water time where as before we would stay home if conditions were not ideal.

Happy deciding!!

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33 minutes ago, Jason63 said:

have been impressed so far with the few times I have slalomed, but had to ski short line. Had lots of fun at 32 and 35 off in open water 34 MPH.

I had a 2018 VTX and now have a 2020 22LSV with Diamond Hull.  The ski wake on the 22LSV is impressive for a boat its size, but I agree you have to ski short line at a higher speed to get a relatively “good” ski wake.  At a short line distance, the spray from the surf pipe can be distracting.  With the VTX, there is a wider range of speeds and line lengths available to get a decent ski wake.  

The 22LSV does better in rough water, as you would expect.  

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