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1986 Malibu Skier Rehab - Update and Flooring and Stringer Help Request

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First I want to thank the group for all the help. The boat would run when I got it but definitely needed some TLC. For anyone else who gets an older boat and doesn't know what to do, here's my list so far.

  1. Make sure you have marine components on your boat. Especially the starter, carb, and alternator. People replace them with automotive components and it's rather negligent. Extra gas from the carb will drip into the hull and automotive parts don't have the same spark protection, hence all the boom/kaboom comments.
  2. Replaced the starter with an Arco (~$140 at Overtons). Reasoning: The boat would start cold but not warm. The bearings were shot in the starter and wanted to start fresh. Could have also rebuilt.
  3. Replaced the rest of the ignition system. Pertronix electric eye/module, Pertronix flame throw coil, solenoid, spark plugs, spark plug wires. Reasoning: The points were shot and I was surprised to still find points. The module is a one time thing. New coil was added to be compatible with the new electric eye/module. From what I read, even if the original did work it would likely go bad. Plus now I have a spare. Solenoid junked out due to starter issues most likely. Spark plugs are routine maintenance and two wires had cracks in them (found by screwdriver so the block test). 
  4. Replaced the battery. Reasoning: My pontoon needed a new battery so I moved the one in the Malibu to that and upgraded the Malibu to 1000 CCA. Overkill is underrated. 
  5. Replaced the carb with a Edelbrock 1409. Reasoning: Yes the Holley 4160 is rock solid but once I opened mine up, it needed more than just a rebuild kit. I went with the 1409 because you can put it on and it's damn near ready to run. Set it and forget it. Also threw a fuel pressure gauge on it for peace of mind and future troubleshooting. 
  6. Replaced the impeller on the water pump. Reasoning: I pull it to winterize and the blades were soft. Not a bad idea to keep a spare around too.

Now for the part where I need help. There was a soft spot in the floor so I cut it out to do some investigating. Floor was also uneven (hi over the foam and low between the center stringers). Turns out I need a new floor, both the outside stringers have water damage all the way from front to back, and the foam is holding 1/2"-1" from the pylon back. So far I've pulled the foam and the disintegrated wood from a 3' section in the port side stringer. The starboard side isn't disintegrating like the port side though. Drilling holes I can see that it is wet based on color and lack of sawdust, but the plywood stringers don't show much delamination. 

For stinger repair: Is there a way that I don't have to replace both of the entire stringers? One recommendation said tap holes every 2", add acetone to the holes to displace the water, then use Git-Rot, and finally fiberglass. If I did this, then I'd only need to replace the 3' section that's disintegrated. I'm not sure that's the best way to approach chemically treating the stringers though. If I do have to replace them both, what composites do people recommend? 

I'm going to replace the floor with marine plywood that I'm going to fiberglass and hopefully bulletproof. Instead of carpeting, I'm leaning vinyl but just need to pick one. 

Lastly, since I've got access to most of the boat are there any other side projects you would do? Currently I plan to repaint the hull, tighten up the pylon mount, and rust proof any mounts/metal components under the floor. 

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I have an 86' skier that needs all the things you just mentioned.  I really hope this string takes off and we can both learn a lot.



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