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V drive whirring / whine normal in forward?

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I'm not super annoyed with the noise but just want to get opinions on if it is normal or if I should be concerned.  I have a new to me 2013 VTX (Monsoon 350). My background is Mastercraft growing up (although haven't owned an inboard for 20 years now).  I do not remember the forward-in-gear idle noise being there in past inboards.  Of course there was always the whine of reverse but I don't remember a whine being there in forward.  So in my VTX the whine in reverse if very pronounced but expected.  What wasn't expected is the same whine in forward, however it is much less than reverse and maybe some wouldn't even notice it.  About 15% of the volume that reverse has.  It is the sound of a turbo spinning up or a jet plane taking off, again not very loud in forward but it is there to the point that I find myself wishing it wasn't there idling along the shore on a sunset cruise.  So just wondering if it is normal to have a minor turbo like whine at low rpm in forward (don't notice it at all once we get to about 2000 rpm or more).   Its not prop sing, as I know what that sounds like, it is definitely a gear whine.  Doesn't sound like damage, sounds like low geared equipment trans whir/whine.  Just want some confirmation that it is normal, and if it is maybe I'll just look at doing some minor sound proofing.  Maybe I just notice it on this VTX more than the old MC's because the exhaust noise on the MC was so much louder (I have FAE on this boat and the exhaust noise is almost non-existent).

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Post a video. The indmars do tend to have a little more wine than other brands. Assuming your vdrive and trans fluids are good. 

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This may not be the noise you're hearing, but I notice that buddies with newer v drive boats have a much more mechanical whine to them, almost like an electric motor, when they accelerate from standstill.  I chalked it up to the v drive and fae exhaust.  I have an older DD boat that sounds much more like a motor (which I like!).

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I wonder the same thing.    Went from a DD with a nice exhaust sound to a V drive with FAE.   Every sound has me wondering.   

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Posted (edited)

Here is a video of the sound.  I think what has been said makes sense, the combination of more V drive whine in this setup with the absence of exhaust noise making it more noticeable than it otherwise would be.

Let me know what you think.  btw, all trans and V drive fluids are on point.

It actually sounds a LOT louder on the video than it does when you are just in the boat and like I said before around 2k rpm you don't notice it anymore.



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