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Error code help

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Took the boat out for the last ride before winter yesterday. Added enough marine stable and a half can of seafoam to 5 gallons of gas and then added to the tank which was half full or around 35 -40 gallons. While running the boat, I got these two error codes.
SPN 1305, FMI 15

SPN 94, FMI 0. 

I am hoping that it was just a sensor that didn’t like the fuel additive… Any insight?

Boat ran fine on the way back to the dock.   


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M5di Monsoon - 2020 A24

is that an 8 in the photo? I wasn’t sure. Thank you for the input! Do you thing the fuel additives contributed to it? First time I ever had those codes pop up. 

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I have doubts that the fuel additive would cause those fault codes, but there are several things that can.

Voltage drop due to poor electrical connections at the batteries, power post, block grounds, sensor connectors, etc... can cause intermittent fault codes to occur.  Checking your electrical connections is often a good first step.

Assuming the electrical connections, sensors, and ECM are good and the sensors are reading an actual physical problem, then there are a few things that can cause each one.  The SPN 94 FMI 0 could be caused by a faulty pressure regulator in the fuel pump creating a high fuel pressure condition. 

The SPN 1385 FMI 15 could be caused by a lack of seawater flow to the Y-pipe temperature sensor.  A worn impeller, clogged or faulty sea strainer, air leaks from loose clamps, debris or restrictions in the sea water cooling system, or a faulty water relief valve in the y-pipe can prevent proper water flow.

There are Malibu service bulletins, like MY21.SB02.0810 and MY21.SB05.0312, that cover repairs for some of these causes.  Check with your dealer to see if these bulletins apply to your engine or if they have already been done.

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