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2002 Malibu 21 LSV questions

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Cross shopping an older Malibu 21 LSV vs the VLX.


I am looking for a boat that we can surf and wakeboard behind with a budget. I am going to look at a 21 LSV with a wakeshaper but do have concerns about a boat with the diamond hull.  We are all novice surfrs/wakeboard so we don't need the craziest wake board wake or surf wake possible but is the LSV as bad as all the old threads (2006 & older) read on wake world or is the difference not big enough to care?


I did work at a Malibu dealership for some time so I am familiar with the newer boats and how to set them up, but just not much with the older stuff and my google fu isn't very strong I am finding out.


My other options for a boat is an older SAN 210 or a Tige 22V.

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We have a diamond on our 2003 23LSV. It has a better surf wave than most new boats - new meaning 2004 and up. We just use ballast and Mission Delta - no wedge. Dump 1/2 the ballast, lock in the wedge and speed up a bit and world class wakeboard wake. But then dump all the ballast and slalom with a world class tournament wake. Or even hammer down and zip across the lake at 48+ mph. I still think the V25 hull is the best there is.


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Only if the 23 LSV from the era was in my price point.  That is the boat I want.   Does the 21 LSV share that same hull, perform similar?

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I have no direct comparison to the VLX of that era, but I have an '03 21 LSV with the diamond hull.  It has been a great boat for us and does most things quite well.

Our surf set up is 750s in each rear locker, centre ski locker bag, horseshoe bag under bow seats, and 500lb bag on the bow seats.  We also use wedge and a homemade suckgate.   I think it makes a great wave.

For skiing...its quite good...not direct drive good, but we regularly use it in the course.

Wakeboarding is not really our thing...so can't comment.

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You can make a 21LSV a great surf and wakeboard boat easily.  Surf-wise, there's no difference between it and the 21VLX.  Wakeboard-wise, it's about 9/10 the VLX but that can be solved with a tad more ballast.

There's no way to make the 21VLX anywhere close to as good as the 21LSV is for slalom if that's of interest.

For versatility and resale, the 21LSV is the way to go every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

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