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O volts on guage

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Just wondering if anyone has seen a simple fix for this.  voltmeter on boat 2003 response reads zero volts.  Have not dove into it.  I know I can take the alternator off and have it tested but wanted to see if this is a known issue and if so if there is some super easy known fix.  If not, I will use the regular trouble shooting methods.  Thanks Rob. 

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You are quite a ways away from removing the alternator. 1st, even if the alternator was no longer charging while the engine is running, the gauge would still read battery voltage. Sounds like th gauge gas died or the B+ or B- (B= battery) has come loose. I would start with a good look for a loose wire, then probing the back of the gauge with a volt meter. Like $25 at Harbor Freight. 

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Thanks,  yeah, that gauge has about 4 or 5 different gauges in the bezel.  I have not touched anything, last time it ran it was fine, and then this time, no movement.  Everything is broken.  Pontoon throttle/ shift linkage broke, steering cable on the Malibu broke, Truck needed new brakes.  Now this.  

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If the other gauges are working, and your boat starts and runs, it's not possible you have 0v.  With 0v, your key switch couldn't even trip the starter relay.

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One more thing,  I take it I can prob the terminals and I should get voltage correct?  If I don't I would guess the connection is bad and if not that it has to be the gauge itself.  

As for servos, chevy had a bad batch on instrument clusters in the 00s.  Even enabled a cottage industry for repair.  

Thanks,  was hoping it was something like,  "oh yeah that colored wire always comes loose" or something equally easy like the tiny screen on the bottom of the fuel pump that clogs,  guess not.  


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No movement on the gauge.  I guess Ill figure it out this weekend,  I hate wiring  I would rather deal with a broken bolt than wires.  Thanks all.  Just hope it is not a bad gauge.  Ill have to take the seat out so it is easier for me to get under the dash. 

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If the volt gauge is part of a multi gauge cluster, then its a good chance the volt gauge is bad if the other gauges work normal. My gut says the cluster has a common B+ and B- for all the gauges. Then the rest of the wires are the sensor inputs for the other gauges. 

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