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2014 VTX Front Ballast


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The front tank shows full, I hear the pump turn on and off but no water comes out. Where is the front purge pump located? How do I get to it? And could it be that the outgoing line is clogged? I can't remember which of the five holes on the front starboard side that the front pump, pumps the water out of.  Any help would be appreciated.



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Here is a pick of my 2013 VLX showing the ballast tank and drain pump. My fill pump is in the center of the boat under the round removable cover.  Should be similar on your VTX🤔



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Great, thanks. I'll look more closely at my setup in the morning. I guess I unscrew the carpeted sections?

Thanks again


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I've had to replace that pump in mine.  I just replaced the impeller and left the casing in place.  A bit of a pain to get to, but not too bad.

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8 hours ago, WeekdayBoater said:

I guess I unscrew the carpeted sections?


On mine you unscrew the top carpeted triangle piece first and then move on to the piece that covers the front of the tank😁Also I would do what obski did and just replace the impeller assembly…much easier😁. Wakemakers FYI (discount for supporting members)has great pricing and quick shipping if like me no one local had a replacement assembly🤔


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6 hours ago, WeekdayBoater said:

Thanks guys, sure appreciate the tips.



Just took my VTX apart up there yesterday.  You may doubt that there is a screw on the top (one each side) of that front rear facing divider, I know I started to doubt, took my FOREVER scratching around with a screw driver to find them cause they were embedded in the carpet and wood - but they are there, might take a bit to find them though.  One tip is if you can get your fingers in the crack and feel underneath where the screws are sticking through it helps locate them. Mine were dead center about 1/2” in from the end.

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