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23 Mxz surfwave vs 23lsv

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The MXZ is 200 pounds heaver and carries 420 pounds more ballast.  Not huge numbers but I presume that that 620 pounds of weight is in front of the helm.  If more weight is good and weigh in the bow makes for less bow rise and a longer wake then the MXZ wins.  Most people that put lead in their boat put it somewhere towards the front of the boat which I take as a clue.

My practical experience is between a 2020 22 LSV and a 2021 23 MXZ.  I feel like the 23 has a much better wake.

Down side of the MXZ If your water is rough especially with other surf boat wakes my experience is that it can be difficult not to take a little water over the bow from time to time which is really annNeed to go to therapy for compulsive overloading syndrome.  

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As far as surf wave, they are very similar. If I still had my MXZ, I could get pics compared to a LSV that I do have access to. We weight both boats with Bow-Full, Center-Full, the rear surf side-full and the non surf side at 75%. I think it is very easy to over weight the rear of these boats with the surf gates and people in the back of the cabin area.

I'll tell you this though, when I first got the MXZ, after 8 - 23LSV's, IMO the MXZ feels heavier in the front. Possibly some of that is because the helm is 3" to the rear of what the LSV measures, making for a longer bow. The rest is because there's just more fiberglass and upholstery in the bow of the MXZ.  The bow tank may be different than the LSV but then the center tanks may make the difference. The fuel tank is a couple gallons smaller on the MXZ. The MXZ seemed to take crossing wakes better. The first time out, one of the first things my wife mentioned was how much better the MXZ rode. I agree with her. I see people say the MXZ will Chili Dip easier. That may be possible in a turn with the extra width of the bow. You will learn to avoid that. It is just different than the traditional narrow bow. I did notice there's not as much forward spray on the MXZ.

FWIW, I ordered a '22 23MXZ.

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