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M240 v Paragon anyone actually compare/contrast

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I just sold my 2018 m235 after one week! It was a Great boat which I loved.  I drove/surfed the paragon and I will say the fit and finish was far better than my m235.  The telescoping tower was amazing.  The JL stereo and surf amp is out of this world.  I haven’t been able to find a m240 to demo (dealer doesn’t have one). Overall the pricing a pretty similar.  Wave on the stock paragon is better than my m235. Not sure about the 240. Is the fit and finish better on the m240 than the m235? I do like the IDEA of the little stuff (misters on the tower and the power swim step on the m240) 

I’m on Planet Nautique and there are very few compare and contrasts.  I’m ready to order one or the other this week for next spring and I have one of each available.  Anyone in the m240 group compare these boats and what do you think?    I will say my m235 has been flawless from a maintenance standpoint.  Looking forward to spring 2022 regardless of which way I go. 

Thanks M crew. 

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I would like to hear some of the pro's and con's as well.  I am sure you will hear something like " the Paragon has better fit and finsih whereas the M240 has better performance".  That is what I have gathered from everything that I read.  I cannot stand the telescoping tower on the Paragon.  It looks to industrial and sterile as well as blocking a very large swath of lake on either side. (huge blindspot)


I just dont like the look of the newer Nautiques in General but you can't argue with the old G wake so I imagine it is a wakeboarding monster.

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Amazing how few responses you get on this forum on the M240.   I guess most owners of the M240 don’t spend time on the forums.  Maybe the admins could break the forum into model types like Renlist, Fchat and most of the auto forums?  

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4 hours ago, RCorsa said:

Amazing how few responses you get on this forum on the M240.   I guess most owners of the M240 don’t spend time on the forums.  Maybe the admins could break the forum into model types like Renlist, Fchat and most of the auto forums?  

I have an M240 and it is my favorite of all my Malibu boats. The M is my 4th Malibu. I love TMC and have not posted very often the last year. Just been to busy keeping up my active family.

I have only one complaint about the M. I believe that due to the pickle fork you have a greater chance of taking a roller over the bow. If you know how to drive it’s not a problem. But if a rookie is driving you will take a roller. My opinion is that a traditional bow boat rides up the roller sooner and giving you more clearance. The pickle fork center bow line starts further back so it cuts into the roller before riding up the roller the clearance is just and inch or so shorter compared to my 2019 25LSV. But that inch or so less does make a difference. 

the M240 is the best wave of all my Malibu’s. It is very tall, long , and has an enormous amount of push. PM me and I’ll send pics. When I first got the boat I posted quite a bit about it pics included. 

I’ve have also spent lots of time behind the Paragon 23. It is an impressive wave. 

PM me if you want more information. 


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Same, this is my 6th Malibu including 2 235's.


M240 is hands down the best Bu I have owned. Wave is awesome. Power is legit 

Considering what to do next year. I love the gel lines on the new 25. I just dont think I can part with my 240.  Especially since I cant see the gel lines while driving the boat :)  

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Cannot comment on the boats listed.  But in general I personally prefer the Malibu wave shape vs Nautiques.  I feel like the Nautiques have more power and size, but much less forgiving (SAN21 and G23), wakeboarding they feel very peaky, surfing they feel like there is little to no transition between the wave face and the trough (maybe this is all setup).  The Malibus I've been behind 21LSV ('06 and '18) seem to have as more than enough power behind the wakes, but not as peaky wakeboarding.  And surfing the trough transition is way user friendly.  

The Paragon I did NOT like the look at first, but after seeing a few on the water they have grown on me.  Having the retractable tower seems to be a really cool feature that I would be a fan of.  Some of the new Malibus I've seen on the water I have not been impressed with the looks...not sure if its just color selection or the lines that Malibu has on the new boats. 

Also you going with the Paragon 25 or 23?

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