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2014 Wakesetter 247 Throttle control

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2014 Wakesetter 247 LSV with the monsoon 409 ss engine and I’m having it throw a code: SPN:65615 FMI:7 Mechanical system not responding properly. Under code definitions that means: (the difference between the commanded and the actual throttle position is greater than 10 percent greater than 276mS)

Boat will run fine for a while, then it’s kinda intermittent when it’ll start beeping on the Maliview and saying service required.  Sometimes if I have someone fall and when I cut back on the throttle to turn and get them it’ll die.. start it up and throttle won’t respond like it’s in limp mode.. cycle power and it’s fine. Sometimes it’ll go into idle only limp mode randomly after stopping and restarting after I’ve been surfing or pulling someone. 

The other night on the way back home cruising about 20mph service required kept coming on every minute or so for a little while, I’d just hit mute and everything would be fine and never actually cut the boat off or anything..

It seems as a previous owner has already replaced the throttle control because it has a 2018 Livorsi control on it. 
Could I be the unlucky one and need yet another throttle control? Could the throttle body be going bad or need a really good cleaning from carbon buildup or something? I’ve checked connections at throttle body and throttle control and added dielectric grease and no change. 

Anybody else experienced this? Any ideas or other things to check? Really don’t want to have to pull it all the way to the dealer if it’s something I can easily do here. 

Any help would be appreciated! 

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32 minutes ago, AxleFixer936 said:

Could the throttle body be going bad or need a really good cleaning from carbon buildup or something?

That is a possibility.  I recall reading that the throttle electronics reads both sides of the rheostat for safety.  If both readings don't add up to 100% (or close enough), the ECM will reject the throttle command as invalid.  You can download the MEFI service manual for your ECM and it will tell you the diagnosis steps.

I personally would have no problem disassembling the throttle to check the internal parts and maybe shoot a little cleaner on the rheostat to remove carbon.

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