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2017 Malibu VLX Power Wedge/Surf gate issues

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Brand new here as a member. Have read the forum for some time. 

 I have a 2017 Malibu 21 VLX that has run great all year (2nd owner).  Got boat with 46 hrs on it in February. 
Today was having wedge and surf gate issues. 

wedge:  wasn’t moving on the water. Touch screen was allowing me to try to move it but it didn’t budge. Was locked in the lift position. Got it out of water and went into the debug feature and voltages were bang on (.50 in lift position and 3 in stow position) but still wouldn’t move. Ended up rotating red screw to be able to manually stow the wedge.(got that info from another thread here).

Surf Gate: won’t deploy on either side. Main screen shows it’s ready and acts like they are working but they aren’t deploying at all. And I’m getting the message: Warning: surf gate retracting even though nothing is happening. 
went to calibrate and it’s shows it’s been calibrated but no movement. Same with service mode. Shows they are in the mode but they aren’t deployed. Both issues happened today. 

any ideas ? 

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@BerbsI had basically the same issues you are describing with both the wedge and surf gate. (2018 vlx) ended up taking it to the dealer a couple weeks back and they replaced both actuators. You can test to see if you have 12v at the wedge connector down low by the transom. If you have 12v when someone hits the button, then you have a bad actuator. If you don’t have any power back there, then you might have a bad relay which I think is behind the port side rear seats in the 17s. 

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There are several things that can cause problems with the surf gate and power wedge opperation.  The most common cause is loose or corroded connections on the circuits controlling them. 

Check the connectors to the wedge power and wedge sensor for corroded, worn or loose pins.  Make sure the wires are secure in the connector.  Do the same for the surf gate power and sensor connections.

The power post cable connections should be checked on the port stringer near the transmission mount.  They should be clean and tight.  Also, check the ground cable connections on the engine block at the starter and at the port exhaust manifold.

Check the breaker panel cable connections and the connections to the I/O module and relay pack.  The panel is located in the port rear PNP storage area under the sundeck.  It is held on with four screws.

Make sure the brackets and hardware are all secured properly on the exterior transom for the surf gates and wedge.

Use the touch screen settings to perform a surf gate calibration the surf gate service to extend and test the gates.  The power wedge can be tested using the debug assist setting.

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