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2021 21MLX subwoofer


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Just purchased my 2021 21MLX it came configured with the 12" subwoofer and quite frankly the subwoofer at 1/2 volume distorts and sounds pretty sloppy.  Has anyone else had this happen on their boat?  Does the subwoofer actually have an enclosure or is it a free-air sub?  Curious what others think of the factory setup?

Here's my configuration (from the build sheet):

Sound System MLX pack - $4712

Subwoofer - ONE 12 inch Subwoofer (w/amp) $1023

Black-Speakers - Wet Sounds Icon 8 (1 set) - $1437

Tower Amp - 500w -$1210


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My guess is it is free air. The one in my 2020 VTX is. I'd double check to make sure the settings are not all the way up.

I am not a huge stereo guy and listen to mostly country and rock so big massive skin tremoring bass isn't my thing anyway, but ours sounds pretty good. I don't remember if I tuned it down or not. I can tell you that when the boat was brand new, the sub did sound kinda funky at low to mid volumes. I was going to take it in for warranty and then one day it just stopped. Like it had to break in our something, but I have no idea if that is a thing. I can also tell you that it would be VERY hard to get a proper enclosure in my boat as I did take it out to make sure a heater tube or something wasn't resting on the sub, there was nothing but everything is right there, especially with the heater.

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hmmm interesting.  I'm going to ask them to look at it when I bring it back with 10 hours on the boat on Tuesday...  Thanks for the input.  

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I have seen phone eq or app settings really mess with the way a stereo sounds.  Make sure they are turned off on your phone first, then adjust the stereo settings in the boat.

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