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Storing for more than 1 year, maybe 2 or more???


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I have sold my lake house where I exclusively use my boat, I am in the process of buying a lot and building but in these times it might be 2+ years before it gets done.  I filled up my tank in October of 2020, winterized it, etc.  But so far this summer I have only burned off maybe 1/2 of the 46 gallons of gas.  I am taking it out one more time but not sure I will get through 23 gallons before we loose occupancy on our lake house.  (We just haven't had a lot of time to use it this summer)

I have 2 questions:

1) Would it make sense to simply siphon (safely) the remainder of the tank into my truck?

2) Then what do I do?  Do I refill full, 1/2, 1/4, etc? And how do you keep gas fresh if I am going to store it for maybe 2 years (or more)?  Of course I use some sort of Sta-Bil to store over winter normally. 

Where I live permanently the water ways are just not great so it's not the best time to go out around here....I just don't think I will have a fun reason to get it out next summer.  

Any advise on how to do this without having gummy gas once I do pull it out?  

Thanks in advance for any advise you have!

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With ethanol I like to store my equipment with as little gas as possible so when the time comes to use it again I fill the tank with fresh gas.

Edit: Actually I would do the same with non-corn gas.

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Put me in the camp that if I am not going to use an already depreciating asset for that long of a time span, I am selling and then purchasing a new one once I am ready. Avoids a TON of potential issues after that long of a lay up.

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9 minutes ago, ndahlberg12 said:

Put me in the camp that if I am not going to use an already depreciating asset for that long of a time span, I am selling and then purchasing a new one once I am ready. Avoids a TON of potential issues after that long of a lay up.


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So we lost our lake and i was looking at a five year layup at best. I looked at the time of layup and what resale is looking like today. The price of used boats and sold. I will buy new boats when we get the lakes back. I will know at least a year before we have water so I will have time to acquire new boats. I also thought the space in the garages was worth not storing boats. In the long run I was not concerned with storing the boats. Done well they will store fine if you have a good storage condition and do a good job prepping. For me its more the value in the boats, space, and if you think you can work with the money and recover when you are ready to get back into boating.   Hoping the country will be in a better way and boat prices are better down the road. Not the price alone but availability. More a buyers market. 

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non ethanol gas lays up fine, just start it on a hose once a month to prevent fuel varnish in fuel system 

i did nine months on same tank starting once a month, much longer on an older outboard and it fired right up without regular starting

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Given you want to keep her,   just put her to sleep carefully. Run stabil into the fuel system,  Fog the cylinders, remove the batteries, drain the water from the block, spray the block with light oil, loosen the belts,  I would drain the gas and use it somewhere else as no point in storing it, cover her up, store her inside if possible. Leave a dozen or more dryer sheets in the boat to ward off bugs,  Remove the drain plugs and any cheetos or food items.  When you bring her back, take you time and replace any hoses that need replacing and use fresh gas.  

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just a thought.  perhaps overkill but i'm going to throw it out for your consideration.

your rig is of an age that you should consider replacing the rubber fuel lines between the tank and the pump.  

if this is a good opportunity to do that then i'd suggest purging all fuel from the rig.

maybe something like: add stabil to a small amount of fuel left in the fuel tank then run the rig so pump and injectors see stabilized fuel.  remove power to the fuel pump (while engine is running) to purge what you can from the fuel rail (easily done by pulling the safety lanyard) .  drain down the fuel tank and replace fuel lines.  there may be some fuel left in the pump and fuel rail but i can't think of a better way to minimize it.

again, overkill but some of this may be worth considering.

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