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Phender pro upgrade or phender con?

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Anyone have the phender pro upgrade?  Thoughts?  Do you need to buy a custom fender? Is it easy to adjust the length of fender placement for different dock heights?

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We have the Phender Pro on our boat.  It does not make adjusting the length of rope easier.  You can use any fender, just need one with the diameter and length to work with your hull and dock.

Did not have them on our 2020, got them on our 2021, not a must have but a like it whole lot and never will leave off again.  If you have fenders on your dock perhaps not such a big deal but we don't have a house and mostly rent.  Makes it super easy once you have the hight adjusted to stow the fenders once you are underway.  No conflict between the line you tie up with and the line for the fender on the cleats.  

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21 hours ago, 4mc said:

Anyone have the phender pro upgrade?  Thoughts?  Do you need to buy a custom fender? Is it easy to adjust the length of fender placement for different dock heights?

These are super easy and quick to adjust.


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I like them but one issue is that whomever puts them in needs to make sure they lock all the way in or they can pull out very easily.  I had one pop out when the water got randomly rough and almost caused the boat to run into a wall in heavy winds.  Also, if it get to rough the pins can get pulled so hard that they get stuck in the hole

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I have the Phender Pro’s and highly recommend them. Using them to secure your boat for docking is inviting a trip to the resident fiberglass repair guy. I could be mistaken, but the intent of the PP’s is to attach a fender of some sort to the boat, not secure the boat to a dock. I use 4 0671F73C-0361-4B2E-AB1E-104A6697E308.thumb.jpeg.b1eb643915edb4bc0638e7f279ad2f3c.jpegBABZ fenders and very highly recommended them. With an adjustable strap connecting the BABZ to the Phender Pro you are set to dock to pretty much any object floating or fixed. The Phender Pro’s are common across multiple manufacturers so if one of our crew already has theirs inflated we can just transfer across boats as needed. 

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16 hours ago, Surf4FamFun said:

No issues scratching the side of the boat?

No. I have these attached to the Babz balls so those even help keeping this pulled away from the boat.


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Two advantages of Phender Pro. 1. Frees up the cleats. 2. Anyone in the boat can install or remove in seconds, with confidence. Worth  the money IMO.

I have the fender hooks as well, they are versatile and really come in handy sometimes.

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