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Replace Delaminated MTC With Manual Switch Panel on 2013 TXI


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Great post! As a aircraft avionics mechanic I can see the hard work you put into this.  If cuescreens doesn't come through this might have to be my solution.  I would see about adding switches for the power wedge surfgate and ballast pumps.  A lot more research would be needed to figure out how to get the water in and out of the the boat with switches.

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The fuse box has fuses labeled for wedge up and wedge down.  You should be able to insert a switch in a manner similar to what I did above for the wedge. I did not see any wiring for surf gate or ballast. These were probably not options on a TXI. The first place I would look would be your fuse box to see if it has fuses labeled for these functions. If not take a look at the print on the wires in the wiring harness plugged in to the fuse box to see if any are for ballast or surf gate. Below is a picture of what I’m referring to.

I expect yours will have more wires than mine did. 

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Great solution. Can't say I would be game but through frustration, we do push ourselves.

I have one of the last LXI's before the TXI so I only need the same functions outlined in this post.

I get lost with electrical stuff. Pity it could not be packaged as a simple kit with a wiring harness & the changes second time around for improvement to simplify the install.

I would order a kit & hunt down a local electrition to be the brains trust for the install wit an instruction wiring install sheet.

@4skinuts maybe a sideline business for your son. Count me in from Down under

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I agree that this would be a good sideline business for someone.  If they were to source a set of male female plugs to insert at this location with the switches wired into this section it would be simple to install.  My son would be capable; but, has moved away, started a new job, and has no time available  


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This is great but over my head. Any crew members know of any electronicts company that could take this on and produce say 100-200 kits with easy instalation instructions and teck support. Then we can all say fork you Madalion.

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I'd be willing to kit these up, but I have no access to any boats with this problem.  It seems that one would need several varieties with ballast, wedge, etc. available.  One would also need to be able to carefully measure each style of boat in order to determine sizes and lengths.

@4skinuts- If you put the ignition fuse in the bypass position the engine cranks, right?  Does the engine die if you then remove that fuse?

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5 hours ago, 4skinuts said:


Yes. Fuse in bypass ignition slot will crank the engine. I did not test removing the fuse to kill the engine. 

If it does kill the engine, that would make it easy to control the engine with a switch as well.  

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Wow @4skinuts, thank you!  Wife and I literally walked out  yesterday for a beautiful fall set in our 12 TXI and she looked at the MTC and you can imagine the rest… takes away from the thrill of brisk morning on glass with lake to ourselves. This is the second screen. Of course we had that “do we just sell it moment”.  Well done!

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Unfortunatly down under with one replacement screen back in 2015 ($2k AUD then) & another looming ($5k AUD  shipping & taxes Now) I decided enough is enough.

Sold the boat last weekend.

Will leave it for a season & ski with a buddy.

This Covid Tax driving up prices made it a easy decision to sell, but a hard decision to buy with prices an all time high 

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