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2013 22 MXZ Ballast HI FLO - Rear PNP Plumbing


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I need some help. I bought this new to me 2013 22 MXZ thinking it had the needed PNP plumbing to add extra ballast, based on the options list the seller provided which states, "Ballast HI FLO - Rear PNP Plumbing". Now that I've used the boat for 3/4 of the summer, its clear I need more weight and was poking around in my rear lockers to find said PNP plumbing... All I can find is a single hose with a cap at the back, which tees off what I'm assuming is the drain pump but no other hoses for fill or vent. This is my first wake boat so I'm new to this whole thing. Can someone with experience verify something is wrong? I'll try and post pictures as well.

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The hose with a cap should actually be connected to a T fitting on the tank and drain pump.  There is often another hose with a cap at the from of the compartment that connects to the front of the tank, but I there have been systems with no front hose and others with a plastic ball valve and hose mounted on the carpeted panel in the compartment depending on what plumbing was being used when the boat was built.

Basically, when the hose is connected to a PNP bag it will allow water to flow into the bag after the tank is completely filled and the fill pump is still turned on.  When the tank being drained, the water in the PNP bag will just gravity drain back into the tank.

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I've done some more digging around and it seems the boat is not actually PNP Plumbed. I'm wondering if maybe because its a 2013, and the first model to have PNP standard, that somehow it fell through the cracks? Now I'm wondering if the Piggyback system from Wakemakers for the 2012 model will work, rather than the PNP system. Thoughts?

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The earliest PNP ready systems I have seen had two vented loops for each rear tank (total of 4) and a bag connection hose at the rear tank.  To plumb the fill for the bag the hoses were removed from one of the vented loops to connect to the bag.  It is a bit complicated and the wakemaker kit may be easier to install.  Give them a call and ask them about it.

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