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M220 vs M240 surf wave

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I've long planned to list my '17 22 MXZ this August, and order a new boat for next year.  After having spent full days tweaking and surfing waves on the 24MXZ, 23LSV, and the M240, the M240 was the clear winner for my son and me.  Thanks to this year's inventory issues, I haven't been able to surf the M220.

I was scheduled to ride the M220 that the Just Ride Tour brought into town last weekend, but the actuator on their surf gate went out shortly before I was scheduled to go.

Curious if anyone has spent much time behind both the M220 and the M240 and can compare the waves.  I assume it is like the difference between the 22 MXZ and 24 MXZ wave.  The 24 MXZ is a bit better than a well-tweaked 22 MXZ wave, but not night and day.  The M240 wave pretty much blows away both of those waves.  

We only surf.  No skiing or wakeboarding.  That should probably put me into the Centurion camp, but I have had issues with the local dealer, and the Centurion wave would have to be vastly superior than the M240 wave to get me to consider the hassle of working with that dealer.  

Appreciate the input

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A little Montana 22MXZ pron for your troubles. 


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Nice pic.  I am in Great Falls.  We ordered a new 2021 LSV23 for this season and now I am debating between the M220 and 25 LSV.  I like the 23 but just want something a bit bigger in wake and wave.  I haven't been behind the 220 yet but have a ride lined up weekend after next.  Launch is good to work with, and I hear good things about their sister store there in Kspell.  

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Drove past a new m-series (220 I think) and it threw out the biggest rollers I’ve ever seen for a wake boat. 

Hope that helps 

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I'll answer my own question.  Caught up to the Just Ride Tour in Priest River.  Their boat was fixed, and ready to surf. 

I only got in about a 15 minute ride, and I didn't get to play with the controls, but I did get to set my generic wave settings.  

I screwed up, and left my Soulcraft at home, so had to ride a board I was not familiar with.  

The wave was phenomenal for a "22 foot" boat.  Deep pocket that allowed me to ride with the curl washing almost to my knees.  Good push with that same "depth" that I love about the M240 wave.  You can get 6" under/ behind the surface of the wave, and still have the necessary push to pop out.  It is a strong wave without the harshness that I have felt with other strong waves.  Just an incredibly smooth and easy wave to ride. 

I would need some time of playing with the settings to make a true comparison to the M240 wave, but I would say it doesn't have quite the same level of push.  I'm talking a fairly subtle difference.  To be honest, though, I thought the M240 wave was over powered.  I had to run at close to 12 MPH to smooth it out, and keep from constantly riding the brakes.  It improved with some deballasting.  The M220 surfed at a more reasonable 11ish MPH.  If you are over 250 lb, you will probably appreciate the additional push that the M240 wave brings.

It may sound like stating the obvious, but the same LT4 in the M220 was smoother and quieter than in the M240.  It was noticeable.  

I'm about 90% certain on the M220, and I'll post more when I have it next summer, and I can really put it through its paces.

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I rode an M240 wave today.  Had to have him lower the wedge a notch, because of the speed you picked up towards the boat. Huge, compared to my 23LSV! Over powered comment above seems accurate! It would take me a few rides to get used to. Transition doesn’t seem as mellow as other Malibu boats. We were riding at 12.5 mph 

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If you go again, try 75% surf side rear, 50% offside rear, front and center full, and wedge a couple of clicks off of lift.  That gave me the wave I like at 12 plus MPH.  

Both of the M series boats like to be weighted to the surf side, unlike the MXZ series which doesn't seem to care. 

When my 220 gets here, you need to come over to Kalispell for a weekend.  

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