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New ballast bag Glue new fittings or just screw them on?


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I’m replacing a old 750 bag that was leaking in the rear. I have been trying to get the fittings off the old bag and not having luck. After doing some research it seems most factory bags fittings are glued. 
my question is when I put new fittings into the new bag is it ok to just screw them in? Or do they need to be glued???  Is the glue to make sure they don’t pop out? 

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I have removed the glued in fittings using a heat gun.  The guys at Fly High told me how to do it.  The fitting cannot be unscrewed after it is glued in, but if you carefully heat the plastic threaded part of the bag by the fitting it will stretch enough to pry the fitting out.  Once the threads are heated enough I use one foot to put weight on the threaded part of the bag right next the fitting and use my other foot to push the fitting out.  Do not do this barefooted.

To glue the fitting back into the bag I put some "Christy's blue red hot" pvc blue on the threads and tighten it as much as possible by hand.

Some of the newer bags use plexus to glue in the fittings and they don't come out.

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why re-glue it??  no need for it in the first place

and the older “fittings” were not glues as a 100% practice, maybe some dealers and owners

stuck “fitting” is often no more than the old style fitting that did not have a big oval grip ring to loosen or tighten it.  with new new SUMO ones with the ring, the hand tightening and loosening is a 1000% easier

put pliers to the old style , grip the flat glued port in the bag and turn it!

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I just screwed in some new fittings and called it a day. We hit the lake this weekend and zero issues or leaks! 

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