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first salt trip depreciation

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i pm‚Äôd @justgary¬†but he may be cheap like¬†me and need to free up some message spaceūüėā and cant receive messages , so go¬†ahead and have at me for our salt trip, i always said¬†at¬†10 years old i would dunk it in Destin at crab island, had a blast over the fourth, just 3 years early

i know you recommend a lot more for engine and coating underwater gear BUT beyond any motor or cats degradation as i am not a salt series  ( i have a transom flush snd watched thermostat open snd close cycle several times that i had to make happen with higher rpm with the button pulled out) , I  nozzle rinsed my PAINTED  GALVANIZED trailer frame (inside for those beams with holes) and axles wheels brakes and hubs, bunk carpet both sides and under, fenders inside and out as well as the carpet wrapped wheel well cap,  hull under and sides (soap washed at home), rained ridiculous that took care of inside snd bilge, did sacs and tanks and pumps at home with fresh (didn't intentionally use but forgot to close rear ball valves and accidentally flipped switches with all the wobbly pops we consumed),  clean and seal waxed (just carnuba mcguires) hull snd under hull as well as all stainless gear on transom including wedge and bracket and platform brackets , d rings before we went, trailer launched every day for 3 days

i know i depreciated it some but i just decided to enjoy the beach with our boat where you live that we already talked about.  hope to go with you and others in the future in your boat!!! instead

my one problem is the rudder (zero problem on strut or shaft or prop),  i had some minimal surface oxidation/corrosion to finish before from our light brack but now i have the below rust with spots, betting these were already corroded in these spots but zero visible rust and under close inspection no spots you could see before trip ( i know because i was underneath it for two wax coats this year for prev lake trips where was it moored in a slip)

the dark spot was me spraying corrosion x wiping with my finger

any recommendations (7 year old rudder), rudder housing has none)

put a brush too it with solvent?, just soak it in corrosion x and leave alone?

your thoughts?

only place I  may have seen rust on rudder before trip was at the adjustment ? block with the allen set screws but barely visible if at all





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@granddaddy55 -  Sorry, I'm apparently just a popular guy and can't seem to keep my inbox from filling up.  The "Cottage Industry" shift knob buttons are more popular than I expected.

I think you have done everything right so far.  I use Salt Away as both an engine flush and as a boat/trailer prewash, but plenty of fresh water rinse is your friend.

The rudder is bronze and cannot rust.  Ignore the specks that you see.

The only other thing I would do is wash the engine with fresh water while it is cold and running if you have a second hose available, then let it warm up to help dry the water.  I try to not soak the alternator, and obviously avoid direct spray into the air intake.

After it is completely dry, spray it all over with light spray oil.  Don't spray the pulleys or belts, but everything else is fair game.  Do the motor mounts, the oil pan, under any decorative covers, etc.  That will help keep any salt accumulation (hopefully only from the air) from assisting the normal oxidation that occurs on the metal parts.

I'm glad your trip was a success!

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