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2009 VTX

Anyone know where to buy those little plastic plugs that cover the vent/drain holes on the bottom of the seat cushions. I have a bunch missing. Searched everywhere and can’t even find what they are called. Thanks 



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I am the same way... I just had the interior of my boat redone (with skins from Gabe) and had a local shop install the skins... I am still not happy with the installation (they still have some stuff not right and I am missing a lot of the drains too... The closest thing I have found so far is hole plugs from Lowe's (but then I would have to drill the drain holes myself).... Let us know if you find the replacements 

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OK, so they clearly say "HEYCO" on the side.  A quick internet search yields heyco.com and a wide variety of vent plugs:


I did not verify that they are 1", but if they are even Mouser has them:


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I have found a few laying around on the floor and such but still missing a bunch. Funny how things just vanish after someone finds it. Me, I’m like it didn’t just magically appear. Has to go somewhere right. Screws, washers, plugs, etc. Save them please so I can find out where it came from.


Thanks for the leads. I’ll measure them out and order a bunch.  Fairly cheap too so I’ll have plenty of spares. I emailed Bakes hoping they had some so I could add them to an order I have pending but no luck. I’ll let you all know which ones fit once I receive them.

Thanks all,

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Ok so they measure out as a Heyco 2707 but those are for a panel thickness up to 3.2mm. Maybe this is why they keep falling out. The catch tabs don't protrude above the panel and lock in. So I ordered both enough 2707's to replace the missing ones and 50 of the 3154's to replace them all since they are for panel thickness up to 6.4mm. Even though the 3154's still won't be deep enough in to catch above the cushion base maybe the extra depth will help hold them in place better. We'll see.

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3 hours ago, IJM said:

Even though the 3154's still won't be deep enough in to catch above the cushion base maybe the extra depth will help hold them in place better. We'll see.

Use a dab of Sikaflex and glue them in

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Ok so got the grommets. The 2707’s are the same as the originals. I was hoping the longer 3154’s would stay in better but they don’t. Just go in deeper. Save the cash and just go with the 2707’s since they are half the price. Happy though all the cushions have vent grommets now vs open holes. 👍🏼. Thanks y’all for all the help.

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