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Power Wedge II Problems

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I need some help from you guys with the power wedge 2. I have a 2018 VTX and my power wedge 2 stopped moving. The dealer is booked for months out. I have the ability to repair my boat just looking for some guidance of where to start.

When I press the lift mode on the viper screen it sounds like the Parker actuator is lowering like its suppose to do but not moving at all. In fact it will continue to run for minutes until I power down or blow the breaker. I've tried the debug feature pressing up and down and still sounds like its moving but again its not. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Do a physical check of the wedge actuator and bracket.  Make sure none of the pins or bolts have come loose preventing the wedge from moving correctly.

Check the Debug Assist screen on the right hand touch screen settings menu.  When the wedge is fully down in the lift position the screen should show the wedge sensor voltage should be .50 to .54 and the position should be at 0 to 1.

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Ok I checked for any loose hardware and everything is in order. I did find however that the angle sensor red wire was broken at the transom. So I did a temporary fix until I can order a new one from my dealer. Again when operating the wedge it still sounds like it's working but no movement. Could there be a relay in the circuit that tells the actuator to move either in forward or reverse moving the wedge either up or down? It almost sounds like the actuator gearing is spinning but going anywhere. Thanks

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There is a 6 pack of relays that reverses the polarity to the wedge actuator and the two surf gate actuators that makes them extend and retract.  The relay pack should be behind the breaker panel in the port aft PNP storage compartment.  Check the connections on the breakers and the harness plugs. 

Each actuator has a red bypass valve.  You can use a 10mm wrench and make sure the valve is snug when turned clockwise.  Check that your voltage at the power wedge connector is near battery voltage when you can hear it running.

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cscleaver thanks for your help.

I found that the actuator wouldn't move because it appeared it was beyond its extended limits. So by loosening the red screw on the single parker actuator I could now move "raise" it into the stowed position. It will now drop into lift mode when I push on the screen but the actuator motor keeps running. Is this normal? I'm afraid it will either pop the breaker or cook the wires. My position and voltages using the debug assist doesn't meet your recommendations above. I'm seeing "stowed" 200 4.48v "lift or down" 188 3.10v. That's the best I can see by raising and lowering it manually. I know I need to and will replace the angle sensor but I wouldn't think that would have anything to do with voltage or would it?  Thanks

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There is a "magnetic bolt" behind the wedge sensor that must be positioned correctly and also must be tight so it will not rotate independently.  If the bolt moves on its own, then the sensor can not be adjusted correctly.  The I/O module controller will use the relays to continue to deploy the wedge until the sensor voltage is below .56 volts.The

BTW,  once the bypass valve has been opened it usually takes two or three full cycles up and down to bleed the air from the hydraulics so the actuator will work normally again.

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