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97 Sunsetter losing power

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I have a 97 Sunsetter lx. Electronic fuel injection with a carb. Starts and runs great but after running approximately 10 min it will lose power as if going into some type of limp mode. To resolve it I simply turn off and restart. It will run great and then after 10 mins lose power again. I have had several mechanics look at it and make repairs but nothing has solved the problem. Has anyone dealt with this issue?


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Welcome to the Crew. You can have EFI or carb, but not both!  Maybe you mean carb & electric fuel pump?  When was the last time you did a full tune: plugs, cap, rotor, wires, fuel filter?

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Could be throttle body injection.  Can't say I remember it being used  back then. It was around back then.   Check fuel  filters. screens in fuel pump inlet.

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Check the anti siphon valve on top of the fuel tank.  They tend to corrode and stick shut.  I assume mechanics have checked the fuel inlet screen, fuel pump and filters?  Are the fuel lines original?  If yes and you have run ethanol fuel, they probably need to be replaced as ethanol deteriorates them.

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I have had a fuel line on a tractor that was collapsing on the inside from just being old and worn out.  Looked fine on the outside, similar symptoms as yours.  I like all of Woodski's suggestions, great places to start or make sure they were done.   My 97' was a throttle body injection.

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Woodski. Great info. Thanks. I will look into both and cross them off the list with hopes of success. We have replaced fuel filter inlet plugs distributor and wires. 

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97 should be same as my 98 with sequential fuel injection. How long has the fuel been in it? Filters are quick and easy. Full tuneup probably would hurt with cap rotor plugs etc. 

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