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04 Monsoon 340 bogging down

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My 04 Sunscape with the monsoon 340 has been giving me some issues lately. At idle it runs fine, and even up to about 10mph it’s smooth, but anything faster than that it starts bogging down. I’ve read that this typically results from a lack of fuel. I’ve tried to clean the intake of the fuel pump and didn’t have any luck.

I’ve read that the next thing to check is the fuel filter. Some posts say that there are two, but I only have one. Most people have the smaller in line filter near the V-Drive, but mine looks different. The filter is around the size of a oil filter (can shaped). 

Along with the bogging down, I’m also getting the beeping under the dash at higher rpms. When I turn the ignition I hear the fuel pump priming so I don’t think it’s completely shot. Just trying to rule out other things before replacing the fuel pump. 


Is there anything else I can check and or replace? Could also use a tune up with fresh plugs and wires, but I’m thinking that this problem is more related to a lack of fuel. The attached picture of my fuel filter is the only thing between the gas tank and fuel pump. I have checked and confirmed this. 


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Why the hesitation on changing the filter? Easy way to not spill gas everywhere when you change it, is use a gallon freezer ziplock bag around it as you unscrew it. Get the bag out quickly, not sure how long it will hold the gas until it fails. 

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I have the same boat in a 2006 model.  I don't have a canister filter/separator like yours.  I only have an inline element filter which I change each year.

I had symptoms similar to yours a few years ago, and went through the same steps as you in regards to the fuel supply.   I then pulled the plugs and found them to be fouled.  It had been several seasons since they were changed.  Changing them solved my problem. I now change them every year.  I haven't changed the plug wires yet, but I will this winter.




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Maybe I’ll try the plugs and fuel filter. My plugs looks pretty worn so that may be the issue. Distributor cap didn’t look too bad. 

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6 hours ago, Chase0808 said:

Maybe I’ll try the plugs and fuel filter. My plugs looks pretty worn so that may be the issue. Distributor cap didn’t look too bad. 

Change the plug wires while you are at it.  They break down over time, and I would bet that yours are original.

I would also tell you to just test your fuel pressure, but the plenum cover design on your model is poorly placed directly over the Schrader valve.  You will either have to adapt a tire chuck to your pressure gauge or cut a notch in the flange of the plenum cover to test the pressure.

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