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Surf tabs on sv23 hull?

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Any of you tried surf tabs on a sv23 hull? I bought some infinity tabs, then found a guy that has used them before and said they didnt work well on his sv23 boat. Any of you have experience?

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Bradley Thornton

I have the V25 but the big thing is to set it up just like they do in the video.  You actually don't want the tabs going too far down or not far enough up. 

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This for sale might answer your questions some (but it's custom, so, if evolution or wakemakers has tried it on SV23 that would be more accurate)

The biggest issues with the SV23 with any kit are

  1. Lack of Transom height (trying to mount below the platform / below the floor (the platform mount brackets are in a dip below the floor)
    (This will impact range of tabs)
  2. Lack of storage area for weight (if you are heavy lead you might be better off)
  3. If you add a wake worx center plate, the drain plug is low (in addition to the low swim platform) (will not work for wedge). (where i'm stalling on a center plate)

But here is what we look to gain.

  1. 1 smoother ride in rough water (bow down)
  2. More Push / Lengthier pocket (you get 1' at even 0 degree deflection.
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Bradley Thornton

So the owner of Infinity wave has a like 08 LSV 23ft. I know thats a V25 hull. 

I bought my boat with it already installed but it was install wrong so when I got it it wave sucked compared to now I called Infinity up the owner is super nice was headed to the lake and still helped me. Labor Day weekend last year. 

What I learned was my tab should have been flush with the hull and the actuator needs to be mounted in the right place so the up and down stops at the right place. 

I ended up using the extra holes and make mine work but at first it was dropping to low add had way too much angle down in the water.   You can actually run it flat out the back no downward angle and it will make you a really long surf wave but not as steep. 

The first two pics are me before I adjusted that I sent him he told me I needed more angle up and a little less down he actually told ma a degree down but I don't remember anymore but I set it a little less than he told me. like a degree. As you can see in the pic I'm almost flat when up before I adjusted it. The last pic is of his boat and how far his is up you can see it really not any more than the V23 transom. 




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Thanks for the replies! Im not too worried about hitting the swim deck, mine is allready raised 1.5" to clear my FAE, im thinking about raising it more, its still an inch or 2 under water when full. Anyone worry about it all being held on by a handfull of screws? 

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