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The solution for vapor lock 2006 Response with Monsoon 340

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Good info.  Do you think it will be hard to move the fuel pump inside the tank?  Something I've considered on my 2003.  Thx.

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I'm certain that you could piece together your own prevention kit for quite a bit less money, if you were so inclined, but I went with the Bakes fuel pump vapor lock prevention kit, now about 4 years ago.  Simple instructions.  Easy DIY installation.  Well worth the one-time expense for me.  YMMV.

But, I have to agree:  the stock location of the fuel pump, clamped so close to the engine block, is a problematic design.  Combine that with un-pressurized proximal fuel line and filter, and it's a set-up for vapor lock.  Interesting that you've found another way to solve the issue.

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@axius - excellent post.  As noted fluids under pressure raise the boiling point temperature.  Pumps are also under much less stress when pushing rather than pulling.

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5 hours ago, MalibuNation said:

Good info.  Do you think it will be hard to move the fuel pump inside the tank?  Something I've considered on my 2003.  Thx.

The only issue I anticipate is whether or not the original fuel cell is wide enough where the tank gets mounted. Now there is just a pickup tube siphoning from a molded sump. The in tank pump will be a larger diameter and must still pump from that sump. It is easy enough to cut a larger diameter hole to mount the pump being careful of the location of the fuel pressure regulator mounted to the top of the pump. Just have to have enough space in that location for the pump to fit. Otherwise I can simply modify the wiring harness and add another ground for the FPR. The fitting on the pump side of my line will need to be changed but that’s easy too. 

it cost like 415 right now. But I have already bought a pump and regulator so I’ll hold off until one of those quits.  

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