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247 lsa only running 4200 WOT

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First timer here please forgive I'm sure this has been covered somewhere before.  2014 247 Wakesetter LSA starts and runs great but with no ballast a fast run back to dock only gets me 4200 rpm when it should be closer to 5500. Now the real heart stopper is the red service engine light and the derate mode after running a few minutes like that. No indication of over heating on the dash. I bought it used from an acquaintance on the lake who surfed with it often so I believe its propped right. Thanks for any help you may offer.

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Use the setup button on the Malivue to see if there are any SPN FMI codes by selecting active faults or inactive faults.

Checking the fuel pressure and the condition of the spark plugs would also be a good place to start.

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Thanks for the comeback. already did plugs and made for smoother idle but still getting limp mode after a few minutes of running WOT at 4200 rpm. Codes are codes right? they won't actually give me the issue in plain English?

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4 hours ago, wannabe said:

I bought it used from an acquaintance on the lake who surfed with it often so I believe its propped right.

Probably not the issue, but you need to verify which prop you have.  Although I can't imagine a "cruise" prop causing this issue, you need to make sure you know what you actually have so that you can compare apples to apples when someone else with the same setup can say what their RPMs are for a given condition.  This wouldn't be the first time someone put their old OEM cruise prop on a boat they are about to sell while they kept the low-pitch surf prop for their new ride.  A surf prop should have you easily bumping on the rev limiter if you're on plane trying to go fast.


45 minutes ago, wannabe said:

Codes are codes right? they won't actually give me the issue in plain English?

Hey, count yourself lucky you can easily access the codes from your Malivue screen.  Take a look at the codes and report back here and someone will have a decent diagnosis for you or refer to the chart in the link below.  Either way, please report back what you find.


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Because the display controller and ECM are made by different companies I usually don't completely trust the displayed English explanation of the code on the screen.  The code numbers make it very easy to search the diagnostic manual to find a good explanation of the fault, possible causes, and testing and repair instructions.

Some of the more common alarms that I see when a boat is on its first run for the season that would occur above 3000 RPM is for the knock sensors.  The sensors are often removed to winterize boats with a standard sea water cooling system and sometimes they don't get plugged back in after.  Also, loose or corroded cable connections on the battery or engine can cause random fault codes.  I don't know if that is your issue, it is just an example.  If you have a service required alarm at the helm, the code numbers are usually helpful in diagnosing the problem.

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