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2016 LSV 23 engine warning: spark coil 5 shorted or excessive current

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My LSV now only can idle.  The engine will not accept any throttle commands.  Warning symbol comes on and service alarms says spark coil 5 shorted or excessive current.  Is there a simple fix I can do?

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5 minutes ago, jeffswift1 said:

My LSV now only can idle.  The engine will not accept any throttle commands.  Warning symbol comes on and service alarms says spark coil 5 shorted or excessive current.  Is there a simple fix I can do?

Swap the coil with another cylinder and see if the problem moves.

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1.  Swapped the coil with another cylinder coil.  No change.  Error code did not follow coil location.
2.  Put in new coil in location 5.  No change.  Error code still says excessive current coil 5
3.  Put in new plug wire.  No Change.  Error code still says excessive current coil 5
4.  Changed all 16 spark plugs.  No change.  Error code still says excessive current coil 5
5.  Unplugged coil 5 from ECU and started engine.  Error code went away.  No Error codes.  Engine seems to run fine (although there is no spark on cylinder 5).

What next?  What do I do after changing the spark plugs, coil 5, and spark plug wire for bottom spark plug 5  

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The ECM diagnostic manual (for whatever ECM you have) will have a testing and diagnosis guide for the SPN FMI fault code (for whatever codes you are getting) and may have more specific instructions for the engine model you have (for whatever engine is in your boat).  I may be able to suggest something with a bit more information.

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Engine info:  Monsoon 6.2 OH, 450hp.  

Indmar family: GINDM06.2FBE

Model: F411645ET-4

Engine S/N:  199038

Mfg Date: 5/18/2016

ECM says it is a 440ECU and is specific to this engine.  bar code sticker says 4G-120, UEGO


SPN:1272 FMI:6"

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I don't have an ECM testing and diagnosis guide, but the boat's engine diagnostics screen does not seem to show any hints.

Engine Diagnostics:

RPM 732

Oil Pressure 56.00 PSI

Fuel Pressure 100.56 PSIA

ECT (Collant Temp) 86

IAT (Intake air temp) 78F

MAP 73.95 PSI

TCP1 04%

TCP2 0.0%

TPS actual 0.0%

Hours 533.8

CAM throttle status: 0x0

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3 hours ago, jeffswift1 said:

Any thoughts?

From the manual, "Coil driver #5 fires either the 5th cylinder in the firing order or the 5th cylinder in the block order depending on the configuration of the ‘Injector/Spark Diagnostic Numbering’ scheme as set in calibration."  Great.  It may be worth testing the 5th coil to fire also.

With the key off, use an Ohm meter to measure each coil between pins C and D.  They should have low impedance, but not zero.  Always check your meter before you begin to find what it thinks zero ohms is by shorting the two probes together and noting the measurement.  I would measure all of the coils to see if one is significantly lower than the others.


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All coils measured 0.3 Ohms.   I think I have the right coil because if I disconnect it while the engine is running the error message goes away.  I have also swapped places of all coils in the engine and got no difference.  Coil 5 now has a brand new coil, plug, and wire.   The error message is tied to coil 5 only and it does not matter which coil I put in this location.  

Having replaced the coil, plugs, and wire - The problem seems to be upstream of the plug coil.  Is there anything other than the ECU upstream?

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34 minutes ago, jeffswift1 said:

Is there anything other than the ECU upstream?

Just wire.

The manual next shows to "disconnect harness connector from the ECM and check between pin 3 of the ECM connector and pin C of the coil connector for a short to ground.  NOTE:  Perform this test using a DVOM and check one pin at a time to battery ground."  I would also test the continuity from pin 3 directly to pin C to make sure that you are checking the correct ECM pin.

If the wire is not shorted to ground and since you have already replaced the coil, it may be the ECM.

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Just had a coil pack #8 code on my 18 Raptor 410. Dealer finally fixed it by swapping out the ECM. They did the coil pack / spark plug change on that cyl but code persisted.

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Folks;  Thank you very much for the help.  Clearing computer codes and dealing with a possible ECM change have intimidated me enough to haul the boat 150 miles to a dealer.  I've given the dealer all the info I've gotten from you.  I'll let you know the result!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Folks;  Thank you for all your help.  The dealer changed the ECM and that solved the problem.  It only took them 6 hours (they changed an o2 sensor as well).  $1,900 plus plugs, spark coil, and spark wire to solve this defective computer board.

This is in addition to replacing a defective alternator last year.  A bad diode in the alternator made the alternator seem to work, but under heavy use the batteries repeatedly went dead. 

I rewired loose fuse connections the year before last year (now part of a Malibu recall), and also had to change a defective tilt sensor on the wing.  I rebuilt the leaky subwoofer enclosure the year before that. 

Malibu's apparent weak electronics have been a serious drawback to an otherwise good boat. 


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I think my ECM failure was ultimately caused by an Alternator failure. Lost alternator Memorial weekend and boat ran on battery power down to under 7 volts. Think the alternator failed because of needed hot battery shut downs do to computer locking up and stop button not reacting. I have had to turn the boat off at least 6-10 times in 300  hours that way. I have always been told told that it is hard on alternator to turn battery switch to off position while running. Burns diodes or something. I now will pull the kill lanyard in that situation instead of using battery switch. Don't know if that is a better solution or not?

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I would definitely recommend not turning off the battery switch (or changing it's position at all) while the engine is running unless it is a real emergency.  Doing so will very likely cause charging system damage.

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The bypass key on 2016 and newer Malibu boats will turn the ignition, dash power, and nav/anchor lights on and off.  When the dash power button is turned on the key switch will not turn off the ignition and dash power, because the button is keeping it turned on.  In that case, the safety lanyard has to be pulled to stop the engine.  when the dash power button is off the key switch can turn the engine on and off.

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