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Loud boom from subwoofer - No sound from Stereo


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Hi guys. Not a great evening on the water, engine service displayed, then a loud boom from the subwoofer, and then no sound from the stereo. Looks like the west sounds WS 420 is also out (no lights) - I checked the inline fuse and that looks ok. Any advice on where to start troubleshooting? 





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Power lights on the amps? The pre-amp peripheral zone controller gets turned on same as the amps. Stereo display anything?  

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Amps are on - Stereo is on. WS-240 EQ is not powering on. I checked power and its running to the EQ, however, still no sound from the stereo, is it difficult to bi-pass the EQ? Just trying to narrow this down to the EQ being shot. Cheers!

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You need to have battery voltage across the black and red and then black and blue for the peripheral to power on. At that point, it should have a blue or red backlite. If you have voltage across those two circuits and no blue or red backlite, then the unit is not on. 

A pair of female x female RCA barrel connectors and you can mate the main input to the all three output zones, one zone at a time.   

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I connected the two “main” with the “tower” however still no sound. 

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I have a new EQ on order hopefully that will do the job. Cheers. 

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I believe there is a glass quick blow fuse in the Ws 420 as well as the inline, check that as well

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If you pulled the main RCA that come from the head unit and connected to the RCA going to the tower amp, then in-boat and then woofer amp and none of those zones produced music, then there is no main source coming from the head unit to the EQ. So there is another issue upstream. 

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Thanks! This is getting interesting. If I pull the main RCAs until they are just connecting, I HAVE SOUND (example pic below) If I pushed the main RCAs all the way back on, NO SOUND (example pic below) - Also touching/moving the EQ power (Red, Yellow in my case) a LOT of static through the speakers and the sub made a load thump. (so I stopped doing that) 

Inline fuse is fine - I need to check inside. Cheers all. 



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