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Reasonable value for my 07 23LSV

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Alright guys, thinking of selling my LSV and overpaying for a newer boat.  Looking for a reasonable price estimate on her and not trying to gouge people plus with the higher hours I'm thinking it will be a pretty good deal for someone. 

Monsoon 340
Evo Tab surf system w/ joystick controller
Wake makers 900 plug n play in rear
Power wedge with new actuators last year
Acme 2419 high altitude prop
2 x 700ish W Infinity amps
2 x batteries
8 X Wet sound recon in cabin
2 x rev 10 on towers
Upgrade G3 tower and bimini

Interior is solid even though I just had my first seam come apart, about 6 inches long, may fix before selling.

So she does have 1702 hours which I'm sure people are going to freak out about but not sure why, I'm the second owner, bought it with 1400 and have had 0 problems, just maintenance, tune-ups and upgrades.  The first owner apparently wakeboarded Lake Powell 5 times a week for 10ish years and put on that many hours. 

Anyway, just looking for an honest opinion on what it is worth and then I can decide if it is worth selling and bucking up the 100k for the next one. haha





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Start with triple your purchase price.  If it sells in an hour, you were too low.

Where will you find a new one for $100k?

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I sold a similar one with the 8.1L engine and just under 700 hours for $46,500 about midway up the price increase mountain.  Today is would try to get $53-55k for mine, so with you extra hours maybe mid to high 40’s

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On 7/14/2021 at 1:33 PM, justgary said:

Start with triple your purchase price.  If it sells in an hour, you were too low.

Where will you find a new one for $100k?

$100K plus whatever he sells his '07 for :biggrin:

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I sold one last year that was very similar with the same upgraded g3 tower minus the surf setup and almost 800hrs for 44k.  That's was last years covid pricing, I'm sure I could have got more this year.  Saying all that, it was a hard sell with that many hours, took me 3 weeks in a hot market because of the hours, and you have more than double.  You're also now towards the end on the season especially in Utah, and the market seems to have softened some.  I'd ask 45k if you are serous about selling it, and I think that may still be on the high side, because those hours are going to kill you.  Proper maintenance aside, that's a shXX load of hours

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I usually chime into these threads and say that hours don't matter, but that is a lot of hours and for better or worse, it is way more hours than the boats you are competing against.  

It might be nice to throw a compression test of the engine to prove all of the cylinders are in good shape.  That may reassure your new buyer that he isn't about to buy a boat that needs a new engine soon.  

It is weird, but you are also going to have to answer for the tower.  Did you replace it because the tower was damaged on the bottom of the lake when it sunk?  Some people get weird thoughts, I went through that when my old MC had a newer tower because the previous owner decided to drive it through a hotel entryway that was a little bit too low.  I thought most people would think the newer tower a bonus, but it seemed the opposite for some potential buyers.  

You are also 2 engine downgrades for that year.  The 8.1 and 6.2 were other options for that year, so there aren't many in your area with the base engine.  

My final answer: 40K.  But I am known to be a resident tightwad in these parts.  Next summer when supply chains have softened to more normal range, I think you will be lucky to get 34K.  

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Current market, I would ask somewhere between $45k - $50k.  I also would pay for a boat dealer to do a full inspection, including a compression test.  I like to say that hours don't scare me (my 2014 has 685), but I know that they will scare many other people.  The clean bill of health from a reputable dealer should go a long way towards quelling fears of potential buyers.

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I mean.. you can ask whatever you want, and might get someone to bite. Only inboards is a good way to get an idea of what people are paying. One just sold 7/14/21 with 389 hours for $45k, another earlier in the year for $52.5k with 535 hours, and one with 662 hours for $39k. All with ~1,000 less hours than yours. Asking anything over $40k... you might be asking for a while. If I were in your shoes, I'd be happy just to get what I paid for it. Just my opinion though.

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