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I have a 2015 Malibu VLX returning from surfing I touched the home icon and started draining the water etc. Instead of the wedge coming up i had a warning come up saying “wedge cal” 

The Wedge is in the down position and won’t return up. 
How can I get the wedge up so I can load it on the trailer?

Is there a simple way to reboot and hopefully get it to work again?

it’s a 3 hour drive to my dealer from the lake.

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The rudder is usually lower than the wedge, so I would be surprised if the boat could not be loaded on the trailer with the wedge down.

There should be a breaker for the wedge under the center rear cockpit seat or on the carpeted panel near the port PNP bag storage.  You can also use the settings menu on the right hand touch screen to select Debug Assist, then use the + icon to lift the wedge.  Each time you touch the + icon the wedge will move up a little bit.

There is a relay pack box in the engine compartment mounted to the inner transom that controls the wedge.  If the relays get stuck, sometimes you can get them unstuck by tapping on the relays.

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I have a similar problem. 2016 VTX 20. Power Wedge stuck in down position. Display indicates it is stowed. During trouble shooting I noticed that the on screen controls for the Surf Wedges were also not working, however when on the calibration screen I was able to open an close them via “service mode”. Also noticed that on the debug assist, the voltage (?) reading was .36 to .40, which is below what i read was a normal reading of .50 - .56.

I haven’t been able to locate the fuse that controls the power wedge under the rear cockpit seat or near by. Not sure what I’m looking for and none of the labels related to “fuse” or “wedge”.

next call is to service dealer unless i can get some thoughts from the group.  Thanks in advance.

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The power wedge circuit breakers I have seen on 2015-2016 Malibu boats are not labeled, but they are wired to the the main battery cable post on the port stringer by the transmission mount and the breaker tends to be mounted within about 12 inches of that post.  The starter cable, battery switch cable, and power wedge/surf gate cable are also connected to that post and a loose connection can cause problems.

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Thanks I’ll try that,  ok I tried it and it works Thank you very much!!!

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Just to clarify I tapped the relays on the transom wall at the rear of the boat. Everything worked fine after that I’ll be replacing them ASAP

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