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MB B52 23' Alpha vs. Axis T23 (or 2017-2019 LSV23)


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I’m in the market for a new boat and am honing in on 3. I have a 5, 10 and 13 year old and as a single dad tend to take out other families so space and versatility is important. I also know the kids will get more into surfing as we go and I don’t want to upgrade again anytime soon. I’m considering the B52 23 Alpha, Axis T23 or a lightly used (2017-2019) LSV23. I like the simplicity of the Axis’ surf system but the MB has a better layout IMO. I’m worried about durability and a 3 year warranty with the MB vs. the 5 year with the Axis. 

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you. 

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If warranty is the driving factor the new Axis would be my choice.  Second would be MB because you will likely have no or very little warranty left with LSV depending on the year and there is a transfer fee for new owner.

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As long as they are about equal in your mind, between the MB and Axis, I would prefer to have the longer warranty if it were me.  
Not 100% sure what gear ratio and prop size the 2017-2019 LSV has. Love the 17inch prop and 2:1 transmission ratio on the A24. I think the new T23s have the same prop and ratio

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Looks aren’t everything but the MB ‘Alpha’ line has a terrible look, IMHO. And I’d worry that it won’t last long and resale could possibly be an issue in the future. If I went MB, it would have to be the ‘Classic’ version. 

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Thank you all for the feedback. I like the idea of not having to worry about the boat for 5 years with the Axis warranty but at the end of the day I just want the boat to be solid. I think I'll lean towards the Axis at this point. 

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I'd lean towards the Axis just for the M5/M6 engine.  An older LSV has the Raptor most likely, which are reliable, but louder.  I'm super impressed with the lack of engine noise on our 23 with the M6.  Plus with the new Garmin screens in 2022, Axis are catching up quickly.  

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