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2001 23 LSV keeps tripping the ignition breaker

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Help!  I have a 2001 23 LSV and I cannot keep the boat running.  It keeps tripping the ignition breaker.  I don't even need to start the engine for the problem to occur.  I will turn the key over to power the accessories and after about 30 seconds the ignition breaker will trip.  I can reset the breaker and power everything up a second or third time and it will keep blowing after 30 seconds.  Any idea what could cause that? 


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4 hours ago, DDeVries said:

I will turn the key over to power the accessories and after about 30 seconds the ignition breaker will trip. 

What exactly does this mean?  I ask this because the accessories (blower, stereo, lights, etc.) should be available without the key on and via their own circuit breaker, but perhaps your model year is different or someone modified it.  If the accessories are tied to the key switch (and therefore via the ignition c/b) then that might be the issue.  Either way, please tell us what specific accessories are you powering via the key that aren't available with key off? 

IIRC the horn and dash gauges are attached to the same "ignition" circuit; others should be on their own circuit breakers.  I would remove the plugs/power from all of them (speedo, tach, perfect pass, gauge cluster, and horn) and attach them one-at-a-time and wait with each connection and see which one trips it. 

It could also be a faulty breaker.  I'd say replace it first just to eliminate that as the culprit, but depending on your C/B access it might be easier said than done.

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What you described is correct.  The stereo, lights, blower, etc. are separate and can be powered without the key.  When I turn the key to the right, I can get dash gauges to come on (fuel gauge, oil pressure, temperature, perfect pass).  The horn is also on the ignition circuit.  After about 30 seconds it trips.  I am now thinking it may be the Perfect Pass, because that is the only gauge does not light up now when I turn the key forward (It would typically go into its boot up mode, but does not now).  Is there an easy way to disconnect or isolate the Perfect Pass?

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The Perfect Pass box is under the dash.  Pictured below is the box and you can see the small 2-wire plug inlet which is for power.


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Well I struck out with the Perfect Pass idea.  I disconnected the power to the Perfect Pass and I am still tripping the ignition circuit.  I also switched the ignition wire to another breaker to check if the ignition breaker may be bad, but it still tripped on the new breaker.  Any thoughts on what else I could try?  ...I may need to break down and bring it into the dealer.

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Disconnect the 12v connector at the ignition coil.  You obviously have a long list of things that you will get to disconnect one by one, but this one seems the highest probability to me.  Depending on how the coil might have shorted, you could be pulling a lot of current.

From what you described so far, resist the urge to bypass the breaker and try again since you will definitely fry something.

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Where is the ignition coil located?  I have not worked on the ignition coil before.


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