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Tracking Fin is Loose

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Good Day everyone,

I have a 2003 LSV 23 and the front tracking fin of the two is loose. It looks like the gas tank has to be removed to get at the bolts to tighten them.

Has anyone tackled this job?

I'm thinking a dealer service department is my best option.

Any Ideas on the cost to have the tank pulled and bolts tightened?

Thank you in advance for your kind reply.

Marsh, from Lake Nebagamon, WI

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I don’t think they are through bolted. I think they are just lag screwed into the hull. Probably need to remove the screws and then repair the old holes and reinstall with new sealant. 

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Hi, thanks for your reply,

I was just under the boat yesterday to see what was involved with tightening it up. It is definitely through bolted. There are two stainless steel studs coming out of the top of the fin and no way to tighten them from under the boat. I was hoping to get lucky and have access in the ski locker but they are definitely toward the stern of the locker.

I pulled the access cover in the middle of the boat and all I see is gas tank, which leads me to believe the tank has to come out to tighten the fin bolts.

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You're correct. Those are through bolted in that era and the tank does have to be moved. Sucky job. Make sure whomever does the work uses plenty of non removable loc tite and some quality adhesive. This happened to my dad's 01 a few years ago. We ended up having dealer do it too once we started disassembly and realized what was in store. 

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UW Skier,

Thank you, I appreciate the accurate advice. I will find a dealer and schedule it be done and I will be sure to let them know I need the adhesive and the non-removeable loc tite.

Best to you,


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3 hours ago, oldjeep said:

Strange.  A 2004 lxi is not through bolted.

DDs have a bilge liner and are screwed in from below. VDs of that era are through bolted. A lag screw from the bottom would puncture the fuel tank. 

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