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Advice on oil leak 02 LSV

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Posted (edited)

Hi all, I’m a new owner of an 02 LSV (my first boat). Looking for advice on what could be causing this oil leak in the Vdrive (Walter Gear Drive) area in front of the engine (under the center seat). Pics:




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10 minutes ago, mtbhead said:

Welcome, and congrats on the new boat! I can't tell from the couple pics I opened, but can you tell if the oil is coming off the v-drive itself? That spot below the vdrive is one of the low spots on the boat. So if it's leaking somewhere else, it might be pooling up under there. Spots to check for engine oil leaks are around the oil filter location. The filter itself, the oil pressure sensor/ sender (right behind the oil filter), and making sure the oil drain hose is not leaking. All should be on the starboard side.

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I had something similar and decided it really wasn't worth the effort to fix it.  I switched oils to Amsoil marine gear lube (AGMQT-EA.)  No clue if it was just dumb luck or what, but after a season of use the leak subsided.

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Thanks for the ideas. After I posted I inspected a little more. It’s definitely the V-drive gearbox that is leaking. It seems to me that it is likely the mini-oil pan gasket located on the bottom. I tightened the 9/16” bolts a little and I’m hoping that might help.  Anyone ever replace that gasket?

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Posted (edited)

Yep on a 2006 Walter VD. I was needing little girl hands at the time do to the lack of room. There are the 4 studs that screwed into the base and the 4 nuts. I made my own gasket out of gasket material and Permatexed it as well. Not a problem afterward.

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Assuming that this is a Walter. Trace the pick up line from the sump up to and disconnect it from the pump. 5/8” flare nut wrench IIRC. That way you will have plenty of room underneath after you pull the sump pan to clean up the mess. Originally my intent was to pull and clean the studs and reassemble with Loctite. The studs and holes were oil soaked so no bueno on that plan unless I wanted to pull the whole VD and clean it. I cleaned everything as best I could and double nutted the studs and screwed them back in reasonably tight. In other words so I wouldn’t hurt myself by going crazy trying to gorilla grip them back in. I decked the face of the pan with a file to level it, you will see the casting valley’s when you pull it. That wasn’t not really needed, but me being me… I Permatexed and installed my gasket and tightened evenly. A hair over a quart of straight non detergent 30W to fill it. The dip stick gets screwed all of the way in on a Walter to check the fluid level. Good luck. 

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12 hours ago, wdr said:

A hair over a quart of straight non detergent 30W to fill it.

This seems to get missed a lot...worth repeating IMHO. 

Anyway, marine gear oils will not have detergent, as it will promote foaming and oil/water emulsion when water gets into the oil.  Additionally, using a detergent oil will keep particulates suspended so that they would normally be removed by the oil by the filter...which we don't have (yes, it has an oil screen/strainer for large debris but no true filter.)

*Perhaps it's not as important as I've been led to believe since it's not in the owner's manual or even the Walter manual, but somewhere I read that it was important and IIRC it was from Walter themselves in the form of a service bulletin, but who knows, it's been years ago.

13 hours ago, wdr said:

I decked the face of the pan with a file to level it, you will see the casting valley’s when you pull it. That wasn’t not really needed, but me being me…

Bill Murray Yes GIF

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3 hours ago, wdr said:

I believe I got that info from Walter directly. It’s been a number of years so I might be mistaken.

Yes, I also believe that to be the case, but looking at their own manual and the Malibu user manual it doesn't specify it...very weird as I distinctly recall it being called out directly for non-detergent.  Next time I'm stuck at a hotel I'll research it, but I'm certain it's documented somewhere.

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