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2016 Axis A24 Issues

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Hello All, looking for some info on a boat bought recently used . its a 16' A24 Axis wake board boat. has the Monsoon 409 pkg. It shows a low fuel psi code on start up only then turn.  this happens only on start up . key on ok shows 57 or so psi . then turn the key to start and fuel psi drops to zero and stays their long enough to set the Mil light off then pops up to 57 . if you shut it off and let it sit for less for a min or so no code and does not drop, according to the ECM. i put a manual gauge on it and psi never drops. replaced the fuel psi sensor , fuel pump thinking might be bad unknown time on it , also replaced both fuel lines hard and soft . hard line was bent might be causing a restriction and soft again looked like it had seen better days . if yo clear the code it will run all day long no issues . shut it off say 30 min or longer key on ok start up code and light. lowest the fuel psi got according to the man gauge was about 28 psi but that was hrs after shut off . key on brought right back to 57 psi. only  according to the ECM does the fuel psi go to zero on start up any help would be great. have power and ground when and  where needs.  also checked the resistance thru the wires for the sensor circuit. no opens and no grounding out the i could find at the ECM bulk head. i have tried this with the key and bypassed the key  with a remote starter switch same results both ways.

any help would be great and appreceiated

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If you have good fuel pressure on the mechanical gauge, no problem with the fuel pressure sensor or wiring, the ECM ground and wiring harness are good, and all of the battery cable power and ground connections from the battery to the switch, power post, starter, and block grounds are all clean and tight, it would suggest there is an internal issue with the ECM.

I would highly recommend going through the diagnostic guide for the code step by step before considering replacement of the ECM.  I assume you are getting a SPN 94 FMI 1 code?

You can find the diagnostic aid for that code here starting on page 100.



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update on Axis A24 repair  manual led to engine harness or ecm both replaced same result.

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Restart the testing process from the begining.  There may be a step that was inadvertently skipped or a test that was faulty.  Most electrical issues I find are caused by loose or corroded cable or pin connections causing a voltage drop, or a low voltage source.

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