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01 Response LX rear locker ballast placement and other helpful tips.


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I have an 01 Response LX. New to surfing and my boat came with two Fly High 250lb. Sacs. I have a manual wedge installed and running the Swell H3X plus slim shaper. 
my first question is can i put the two Fly High sacs in the rear ski locker? My main concern is safety with fuel tank underneath.  It looks like someone had done it before. The floor of locker is caved down in the center. So is it safe to put that much weight on fuel tank and is there any lines or fittings under locker flooring. That can be damaged?
Second question is tips on my ballast, wedge and shaper setup. 
i did test the shaper with the wedge down. No ballast.  About 10.8mph. A couple of my bigger friends in the rear of boat. I was getting a clean wave with a little curl on the end. Just didn't look very tall. 

thank in advanced. 

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I have a 1995 Response and surf it all the time. You need ballast in addition to the wedge. Also, you may be going a little too fast which will cause you to loose height.

My setup is as follows: manual wedge down, ~ 1000 lbs of ballast near the rear of the boat, homemade surf gate, gas vent extension/snorkel to keep water out, 10.0 MPH, and a Hyperlight Broadcast.

Not many wake shapers will fit the hull of my boat and I have not spent the $$$ to test any. I would be interested in how the Swell slim shaper works out for you.

On my older Response, there is no rear locker unfortunately; so I can't help you there.

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You'll want to reinforce that trunk if you plan to put hundreds of pounds of ballast in there.  You won't squash any fuel lines or anything, but you do risk caving in the tank.

Is surfing something you'll only do once in a blue moon, or is it going to be a regular activity?  If the latter, I'd say sell that boat to someone who will use it for what it was built for and find yourself something with some more freeboard, like the XTI that @ROFF just rebuilt beautifully (and is selling).

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