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2018 MXZ Low Dash Voltage

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While out last weekend screens started to flicker like the battery was low with the engine not running. Once I switched the battery switch over to both batteries they started working fine. I noticed on my diagnostics screen that while on #1 battery the dash volts would get down to about 7.4v then the screens would flicker, the engine volts would stay at 12v while one one battery and on both. Soon as I switched it to both batteries the dash volts would go back up to 11.8-12v. I pulled both batteries out and load tested them and they are both fine and hold there load.


Has anyone else had this problem, or know what it could be? 



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If you're not seeing 13.xx or more volts while running, your alternator is not charging.  Seem like your #1 battery has been really discharged and when you combine them you are getting more volts.  Do you normally run on the #1 battery?  If so that would make sense why it's so low.


What motor do you have?  I've had problems with the my raptor alternator and had a hell of a time getting one last year.  



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I have the Raptor 450. I'm showing 13.6 or so volts while running. Yes I do only run on the one battery. If one of the batteries was low os suspect I would have thought it would have shown that by load testing them? Maybe not? One thing I'm not sure of but why would my dash show different voltage than my engine? 

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I would check the battery switch and battery connections.  If the connections are loose or corroded you can get voltage drop.  An internal failure in the battery switch can also cause problems.  I had a similar blue seas mini switch that the housing split in half and it caused the metal contacts inside of it to move around and not work properly.

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Next thing to check would be all the connections starting at the engine all the way to the dash.  But if you are actually seeing 12v at the engine and not at the dash, you may have a loose connection from the battery to the dash.  There should be a + & - that run from the switch and battery's to the dash distribution panel, start by checking those.  

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