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2009 VLX loud whine through tower speakers AND slight static through all speakers all the time


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I have searched quite a bit but a little confused...I am trying to troubleshoot two different stereo noises in the stereo system of the 09 VLX I purchased earlier this year.  The first one is a slight static in ALL speakers in boat anytime the head unit is on.  The second is pretty bad whine when the engine is running BUT only in the tower speakers.  I was assuming it was the alternator, however currently getting a high pitched whine when I cycle the key for about 3-5 sec (fuel pump cycle?) but ONLY on tower speakers.  If I undo the RCA's the whine goes away but still slight static / noise.

Stereo setup:

I believe stock 2009 "black box" head unit w/ remote on the dash

three separate amps for 8 RF 6" in boat speakers (RF P400-4), tower speakers (4 6.5" kickers for now) (JL400.4), and stock 12" sub (RF P500-2) bridged.  I believe boat speaker and sub amps are stock.

All amp power wires run into RF 3-1 distribution block, stock looking inline fuse, then one single large cable to the factory battery switch.

All amp ground wires run into RF 3-1 distribution block, then one large single cable to the "house" / #2 battery.  This another main ground cable connected to same point as well as cable connecting both battery grounds together.

HU B+ power is ran to speaker amp B+ terminal but I also tried running it directly to battery #2 positive terminal

HU ground wire goes to RF 3-1 dist. block that goes to battery #2 ground terminal

HU remote in is currently wired to the key (which I have read may be a problem BUT I disconnected it at the key and ran it directly to battery #2 positive terminal with no change) (I also added a delay relay to keep stereo on for 3 sec after switching the key to keep from loosing BT connection - this did not affect noise).  I do like the key controlling the remote of stereo, is there a correct way to wire this and keep functionality?

Remote BT adaptor is powered straight out of HU and plugged into original aux in RCA inputs

Noise is there for all stereo modes.

I have gone through, cleaned up and re-tightend all battery terminals and the alternator connection and main ground at the front of the block with a wire brush and scotch brite pad

I have a noco dual bank onboard charger...does not affect it plugged in or not.  


Any help would be greatly appreciated...I can live with the slight static but have to unplug tower speaker RCA's every time we run the boat because of the whine and would really like to get it figured out!  Thank you in advance!



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Also the wiring was a mess…I cleaned it up somewhat and pulled RCA’s away from power cables, they are currently coiled up and zip tied up and away from power cables.  

HU front & rear RCA’s go to speaker amp, sub output goes to sub amp, and tower speaker RCA’s come from sub amp pass through RCA ports and then RCA splitters to get all 4 channels…I tried playing with JL amp settings to run all 4 channels off 1 set of RCA’s with no luck.  I’m guessing this is not ideal.

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Lake Placid Crew

I have the same setup and the same problem. Any help would be appreciated.

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