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Walters V-Drive Oil Pressure Sensor

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My oil pressure light has been behaving unusually....sometimes always on...sometimes always off. I took the wires off the switch and touched together and the light stays on so seems like the wiring is ok. I suspect the switch is bad, and have ordered one. I was also planning to plumb in a gauge by the V-Drive so I could read the pressure going forward. The problem....I can't seem to get the sensor off. I've soaked it in PB-Blaster, heated it up, tried hitting the wrench with a hammer. I'd say I am real close to stripping the copper bolt head there....anyone have any tips on how they get the dang thing off. In the event that I can't get it off is the part that it is attached to available somewhere as well (not even sure what I would call it).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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What you're seeing is normal.  The pressure switch is a 2 psi switch which normally closes at high idle, 1200 RPM +/- 400 RPM.  Check the document below:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/lg0j0bgbeofcmwo/v drive light.pdf?dl=0

What I will recommend is using an LED conversion, as my original incandescent bulb burnt out.  Probably won't happen with an LED.

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Thanks. I know that is how it works. When I say always on or always off...I mean even at key on (not started all lights should come on) it will not come on sometimes....then sometimes well over 1200 RPMs it will stay on all the time.


I'm pretty sure the switch is bad, but won't know for sure until I get a gauge in there to be able to see if there is actual pressure or not.


Still looking for any ideas on how to get it off.

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11 hours ago, Behindtheboat said:

is the part that it is attached to available somewhere as well (not even sure what I would call it)

A photo would help your description.  Are you talking about the brass tee that the sender and switch are mounted on?  Go to your local plumbing supply and buy one.

A decent Vise-Grip plier may be the tool of choice.

Edit:  So I was thinking that you were talking about the engine switch, but your title is talking about the vee drive.  Nevermind.

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