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2014 Monsoon 409 Cylinder 1 Misfire MIL - ECM: SPN 65591 FMI 7

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2014 Axis A24 Monsoon 409


Got the following code while surfing, when the MIL Light and Service light started blinking I felt it kinda lose a little power for a second but honestly after that couldn't tell for certain if it was running any different. Drained all the sacs, accelerated a few times, seemed fine but still ended the day.


ECM: SPN 65591 FMI 7


From what I can tell this is a cylinder 1 misfire? Any tips/ideas on how to determine the root cause? Planning to put in new plugs and test it again.

Also what's the procedure to clear the code? Saw something about 3 heat cycles but want to confirm I do it right.

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Check the cap and rotor as well as the plugs.  It might also be a good idea to do a resistance check on your plug wires to see if they need to be changed, or just go ahead and change them.

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I have a 2015 VLX 409 that had a slight miss also but no codes showing. I removed all plugs and found #6 plug was a little darker than the rest of the plugs. Went ahead and replaced all plugs and just to be sure I removed the coil from that plug and tried to order from my local dealer without any success. Took the coil to Napa auto and #’s on coil we’re the same as a 2015 Chevy 6 liter truck motor, problem solved without Malibu dealer

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Replaced all the plugs, plug from cylinder 1 definitely looked more burnt than the rest (one on the left in the picture below). Resistance checked plug wires and they seemed good. Even tried swapping the coil on #1 and #8 to see if the error moved. No change, still runs perfect. Fully sacked up the boat and surfed with 0 issues or concerns. In the process of trying to do the 3 heat cycles to see if it goes away. (trying to find someone local that can just clear it)

Picture on Spark Plugs

Couple questions.

-On a 2014, will it tell you if a code is inactive or active?

- I noticed on the gauge cluster their are 2 engine lights, one with a picture of an engine that says "Check" , the other says "MIL". The second ones is what I have lit up. From my understanding the MIL light more so pertains to emissions related items? Not necessarily critical damaged/ things that required immediate attention?

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